Orhorhoro: Official visit to Clemson ‘was amazing’

Orhorhoro: Official visit to Clemson ‘was amazing’


Orhorhoro: Official visit to Clemson ‘was amazing’


The Clemson football program played host to a big group of its commitments and a couple of uncommitted prospects for official visits this past weekend.

Among the committed recruits that made their official visit was Ruke Orhorhoro. The River Rouge (Mich.) defensive lineman has been committed to Clemson since June, when he chose the Tigers over offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Kentucky, Indiana, Oregon, Duke and others.

The Clemson Insider caught up with Orhorhoro about his official visit experience.

TCI: How did you enjoy the official visit?

Orhorhoro: “It was amazing. I loved every minute of it. The coaches, the food, the game… It was my first game at Death Valley, so that was a pretty good experience for me.”

TCI: What was the highlight of the visit?

Orhorhoro: “Probably the game and going to coach Swinney’s house, which was really cool. It was real big and nice inside. It had a lot of purple and orange. We ate. I played a little basketball, did a little golf and we watched the game a little bit in his theater.”

TCI: Who came with you on the visit and how did they enjoy it?

Orhorhoro: “My mom and my dad. They loved it and they can’t wait to get back for an actual game that I’m going to be playing in.”

TCI: What did you hear from the coaches during the visit?

Orhorhoro: “Just how they can’t wait for me to come down there. They’ve got big plans for me and my class. So, they’re just really excited about this year’s class because it’s a pretty big one.”

TCI: Do you feel like the 2019 class grew closer as a group during the official visit weekend?

Orhorhoro: “Yeah, it was a great weekend. For me, I go down there when I can. But being 14 hours away, you’ve got to plan that trip. But yeah, it was real good since we were all there and got to bond. We’ve got a little group chat, but it was better seeing them in person.”

TCI: Who was your player host for the visit?

Orhorhoro: “Justin Mascoll. He’s real cool. I was with him, K.J. (Henry)… It was a lot of us. We were all together, Justyn Ross and all of us.”

TCI: What did you think of Clemson’s win over Duke and the night atmosphere at Death Valley?

Orhorhoro: “It was amazing, man. We’ve got the best fans in the nation. They come energetic every game, and that will be a really great atmosphere for me to play in next year.”

TCI: After the official visit, are you even more excited to get to Clemson in January and start your career as a Tiger?

Orhorhoro: “I can’t wait to get there. Just spending the night there a couple nights, it makes me more anxious to get there.”


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