Trevor Lawrence excited to finally be part of the rivalry

Trevor Lawrence excited to finally be part of the rivalry


Trevor Lawrence excited to finally be part of the rivalry

Whenever asked about the Clemson-Carolina game Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence expressed just how excited he is to play in the rivalry.

The true freshman anticipates the atmosphere will be more electric than even when the two rivals meet Saturday at Death Valley in Clemson.

Lawrence on the rivalry

“In high school, watching the game you can definitely tell how intense the rivalry is. I’m excited for it.”

Lawrence on the atmosphere of a rivalry game

“I’m excited for the atmosphere. It’s going to be awesome. I’m really just excited to finish the last game of the season and finish it the right way.”

Lawrence on night games

“The atmosphere is louder and more electric. It’s awesome playing in Death Valley no matter what time it is. It’s definitely a cool experience playing at night. It was really cool. It doesn’t change much for us. We still have to play.”

Lawrence on the attitude of South Carolina

“I know a few guys on the team. The ones I’ve met are good guys, but I’ve heard some stories about some of the fans doing pretty questionable things. I’ve had good interactions for the most part with those guys.”

Lawrence on his relationship with USC backup quarterback Jay Urich

“A few guys on the team know him, and I met him through them. He was at a church camp this summer, and we were both at it. I got to talk with him some. He’s just a great dude, and we’ve gotten close.”



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