Muschamp: 'That's a dumb question'

Muschamp: 'That's a dumb question'


Muschamp: 'That's a dumb question'


It was an offensive battle on Saturday as second-ranked Clemson beat South Carolina in a 56-35 shootout at Death Valley.

Clemson’s offense put together a 744-yard performance, while South Carolina totaled 600 respectively in one of the highest scoring games in the history of the rivalry.

While Jake Bentley’s 510 yards through the air was the second most against a Clemson defense in the team’s history, the defensive breakdown of Muschamp’s team left the coach with a bitter feeling after the game.

When meeting with the media after the game, Muschamp lost his temper on the first question of the interview.

He was asked if defensive injuries effected the outcome of the game and the game plan against the Tigers.

“What do you think? That’s a dumb question,” the South Carolina coach said. “So, it is what it is. That’s where we are right now. We’re real short on defense, at one point, I think we had six true freshmen on the field.”

As a team, the South Carolina defense had a very tough showing against the Tigers. Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence had his best game in a Clemson uniform, throwing for 393 yards and a touchdown, the most passing yards ever by a Clemson quarterback against the Gamecocks.

South Carolina’s defensive troubles didn’t stop there as they allowed Clemson to rush for 351 yards on the ground. Led by running back Travis Etienne’s 150 yards and two-touchdown performance, the Gamecocks allowed five Clemson players to rush for 35 plus yards while giving up seven rushing touchdowns in the game.

The South Carolina coach later apologized for losing his temper, but the frustration Muschamp had with his defenses performance was clear. With a history of losing his temper, Muschamp has proven once again that some habits don’t go away so easily.



Clemson struggled to flip the field via the punt last season but had the talent on defense to carry an extra load with a short field. This season, a younger Tiger defense may need some help from the punters. (…)

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