Davis comes up big against the Gamecocks, like his dad

Davis comes up big against the Gamecocks, like his dad


Davis comes up big against the Gamecocks, like his dad


Clemson Linebacker J.D. Davis, who is son to Clemson legend Jeff Davis, knows all about how to hate South Carolina and even told the media on Saturday that he did.

Davis was able to put the cherry on top of a 4-0 record against the Gamecocks in the 56-35 victory Saturday by recording his first career interception against the hated Gamecocks.

 Davis on the interception

“I just read the quarterback and tried to make a play. It kind of fell in my hands.”

Davis on his first interception in his last game

“I prayed to God I didn’t want to end my career without an interception. I got one in my last game. I was pretty disappointed I wasn’t able to play against Duke, so it was really special to be able to start and get that interception in my last game in Death Valley.”

Davis on ending his career with an undefeated team

“It feels great. We know that the journey is not over. One of our internal goals is to win the state championship, so obviously we were excited about that. There’s a lot more work to do.”

Davis on the defensive performance

“At any point in time, anybody can expose you if you’re not ready to play. If you’re no focused. If you’re not communicating well. I give credit to South Carolina. They’ve got some good players. They came out with a good plan. We made some mistakes that they took advantage of. We will fix it and correct it. We’ll be ready to get back to work on Monday.”

Davis on being undefeated against the Gamecocks in his career

“I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I hate them. It was rough in my high school days when they went on their streak. One of my offensive line coaches, in high school always use to tell me, you don’t lose at home. And if you lose to them, you’re rival, you will hate yourself. He couldn’t have said it any better than that because if you lose to South Carolina you will hate yourself. Glad I don’t have to do that. I went undefeated against them.”


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