Wilkins says defense can't do this again

Wilkins says defense can't do this again


Wilkins says defense can't do this again


All-American defensive tackle Christian Wilkins played his last game at Death Valley on Saturday as Clemson defeated South Carolina 56-35 for the program’s fifth straight win over its rival.

After a solid performance resulting in a touchdown and a sack, Wilkins spoke with the media after the game. Here’s what he had to say:

Wilkins on the defense allowing 600 yards

“You definitely have to enjoy all wins because it’s not easy to win especially at this level and with the competition we play against. It does kind of leave a bad taste in my mouth. I’m obviously really excited about beating a rival five times in a row, undefeated against them, but what we did on defense just can’t happen again.”

Wilkins on his 1-yard touchdown run

“We drew it up in the dirt right before I went on the field (joking). Nah we had that planned. We’ve practiced it a few times. I just knew it was an option but it was another exciting time to score a touchdown, have fun with it and dive for style points.”

Wilkins on defense refocusing

“It is definitely a good time for us to refocus and just make sure everyone changes up their mindsets. It will definitely leave a bad taste in our mouth because that’s not Clemson defense and that’s not what we do, but we just have got to use that as a learning experience and another opportunity for the guys to refocus. It’s easy to get caught up in being 12-0, we’ve been doing a good job all year on defense and just gotta make sure the guys are all good and caught up.”

Wilkins on South Carolina’s offense

“They definitely did a good job and I definitely have a lot of respect for them because I personally knew they had some guys on their side of the ball on offense. We knew we had to play well but, unfortunately we didn’t. Good thing the offensive guys brought it today. They scored a lot of the times they touched the ball and they just did a good job.”

Wilkins on Clemson fans

“It’s special. I just want to thank all the fans and everyone who is a part of tiger nation because for four years, 28 games, they’ve never disappointed. I mean they bring it every week and Clemson is just such a special place to play. Their values are second to none, it’s just a great environment. I’m definitely thankful for my four years here.”


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