Elliott: ‘It doesn’t matter who we play’

Elliott: ‘It doesn’t matter who we play’


Elliott: ‘It doesn’t matter who we play’


Tony Elliott took some time to speak with the media on Monday following the rivalry win over South Carolina. Elliott previewed Saturday’s ACC Championship Game and has his fingers crossed for another member of the Clemson coaching staff.

Jeff Scott was recently named a finalist for the Broyles Award. Tony Elliott won this award in 2017 and Brent Venables won it in 2016. If Scott were to win the award, Elliott would be the one to introduce Scott at the ceremony on December 4th.

“That would be awesome. That would be so awesome for Brent to introduce me and then for me to have the opportunity to introduce Jeff, man that would be so awesome…I’m hoping, I’ve got my fingers crossed that he and Sarah gonna get to experience that.”

Elliott wants everyone to trust him for the ACCCG

“It’s hard to win football games, so please trust me. These guys aren’t looking beyond this one. We know that we’re getting the best effort from Pitt. They’re going to be a very confident team. They beat these seniors and juniors…so they’re going to be excited to play and nobody’s taking this for granted.”

Elliott and his offense are focused on the ‘ship against Pitt

“I think at the end of the day, the numbers, records and accomplishments speak for themselves…We just focus on winning our division and being the best version of ourselves. It doesn’t matter who we play, we look forward to playing whoever has earned the right…For us, we are just focused on having our best preparation, best week of preparing and going out and playing whoever lines up across from us.”

Elliott thinks Etienne doesn’t understand one thing

“I don’t think he understands how much talent he actually has. He just goes and plays football…He just goes out and does what he does. I’m trying to push him to be the best version of himself, and he’s making steps, but he’s still a young guy, he’s just a sophomore.”

Why was Adam Choice’s performance against SCar so special to Tony Elliott?

“He’s the rock of that room. I am so looking forward to him possibly being a team captain…He’s that caliber of young men. Obviously the team will vote on it and we don’t know those results yet, but I see him as a possible team captain, and for him to be able to finish in the Valley that way and have three touchdowns and to just to see the smile on his face…it was a smile like ‘man, how cool was that, and I put an exclamation point on my career,’ and that’s what made it so special for me with him.”


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