Venables: 'Just do the little things well'

Venables: 'Just do the little things well'


Venables: 'Just do the little things well'


CHARLOTTE — After being embarrassed by rival South Carolina a week ago, second-ranked Clemson bounced back nicely in a 42-10 victory over Pitt in Saturday’s ACC Championship Game.

The Tigers (13-0) held the Panthers to 200 total yards, including just 8 passing yards. Clemson also forced three turnovers, which they turned into 21 points.

Venables message to his defense during the week

“Just do the little things well. Be precise, be physical. Just have a little more focus and attention to detail. Just very simple and again, have the cohesion that it takes to operate 11 guys on the same page. Obviously they did that tonight.”

Venables thankful for the ones who decided to return to Clemson

“Well I just love them. I appreciate them, respect them and I’m thankful for them. You feel good that they came back and sometimes guys do that and don’t have the same kind of reward and you hopeful that they don’t feel unfulfilled. It’s been a fun year. It’s gone so fast and they’re a big reason for that.”

Venables on having Tre Lamar back Saturday night

“He had a great game, we were just saying it in the locker room. He was a monster tonight and he still wasn’t hundred percent. But he had a terrific game and just had a huge presence in the middle of the defense.”

Venables on A.J. Terrell’s interception

“It was huge because I felt like we really had a chance to make it really hard on them coming into the second half prior to that happening, but we needed to make some more plays, we needed to something to happen.”

 Venables on improvements

“Just go right down the list, check, check, check. This is a good elixir for last week. But obviously there’s some fundamental things, some technical things that we’ll go back and go to work on.”


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