Elliott proud of the way the Tigers ran the ball

Elliott proud of the way the Tigers ran the ball


Elliott proud of the way the Tigers ran the ball


CHARLOTTE — Co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott has a lot to be proud of as he has helped create one of the best offenses in the country. Second-ranked Clemson put that on display Saturday as the Tigers racked up 301 rushing yards to secure a 42-10 victory over Pitt and a fourth consecutive ACC Championship.

Running back Travis Etienne led the Tigers (13-0) with 156 yards on 12 carries. He also scored two touchdowns.

Clemson finished the game with 419 total yards.

Elliott on the fourth straight ACC Championship

“It really hasn’t set in yet, but to see the smiles on the faces of these young men. We started back in August and we told them it would take 122 days of total commitment and just to see all of those guys amiss all of the possible distractions, this team right here is a special group of young men.”

Elliott on Etienne’s 75-yard touchdown to open the game

“I wouldn’t say it was just him because obviously it was everybody. It was all 11 and that’s the beauty of offensive football. It takes all 11 for plays like that.”

Elliott on the offensive line’s improvements

“The guys are disappointed that we gave up one sack in the previous five games and we were trying to have no sacks. We did a really good job of ball security, but we weren’t good on third down. We were 5-for-6 in the red zone so we weren’t hundred percent. There’s always something that we can challenge ourselves with.”

 Elliott on head coaching rumors

“The clarity is, like I say all of the time, I’m a Clemson Tiger. I’m not going to be a distraction to anybody. I’m focused on helping these young men. I have an unbelievable situation; my family is happy here. Obviously, if it’s the Lord’s time then he’ll provide an opportunity, but right now I’m solely focused on Clemson football, I haven’t been contacted by anybody. I hate the speculation that gets out there because it does create a distraction.”

 Elliott on how he blocks all of that out

“I just keep my life simple. If you follow me I’m not a poster on social media. I have to use social media to interact with recruits but I don’t promote myself, I don’t get on social media. I try to just keep things simple. I try to focus on winning.”


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