Clemson exactly where Trevor Lawrence thought it be… winning championships

Clemson exactly where Trevor Lawrence thought it be… winning championships


Clemson exactly where Trevor Lawrence thought it be… winning championships


Trevor Lawrence is exactly where he thought he’d be when he decided to sign with Clemson…playing for an opportunity at a national championship.

Lawrence and the rest of the second-ranked Tigers will get that opportunity on Dec. 29 when they play No. 3 Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl Classic as part of the College Football Playoff Semifinals.

“We’ve had goals set out from the beginning of the season,” Lawrence said. “This is one thing I envisioned coming here is to win championships.”

Lawrence won his first championship as Clemson’s quarterback last Saturday when led the Tigers to a 42-10 victory over Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship Game. It was Clemson’s fourth straight ACC title, marking the first time in history an ACC school has won four straight outright conference championships.

“Obviously, we want to win more than the ACC Championship, but this is part of the goals and part of the journey,” Lawrence said.

The journey will now take Clemson (13-0) to Arlington, Texas where it will take on Notre Dame (12-0) in the CFP.

The Tigers roll into the game winning their last nine games by an average margin of 34.4 points per game, including eight straight wins by 20 or more points over Power 5 teams, a first by any team in the poll era.

“Like I have said before, I’m just really proud of the team,” Lawrence said. “We have been really resilient. We’ve been through a lot of bumps in the road and it has just been cool to see everybody fight past that and grow together.”

Clemson has grown into a high-powered scoring machine with the freshman leading the way. Since Lawrence took over as the starting quarterback, Clemson is averaging 47.4 points and 541 yards per game.

“I feel like we have a good balanced attack,” Lawrence said. “When one is not working we go to the other and mix it up. We were really balanced so it was good.”



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