Ferrell: ‘We just want to be the best ever’

Ferrell: ‘We just want to be the best ever’


Ferrell: ‘We just want to be the best ever’

For Clelin Ferrell there is something different about this year’s Clemson team.

What does he think is? It’s their drive.

Ferrell says the Tigers, who will play Notre Dame in the 83rd Cotton Bowl Classic on Dec. 29, don’t only want to be the best team in Clemson history, but they want to be the best team to ever play in college football.

“We just want to be the best ever,” the junior defensive end said Tuesday at Clemson’s Media Day as part of the College Football Playoff Semifinals. “That is what we feel like, as far as just this team is concerned.

“There has never been a 15-0 team. We have the chance to be the winningest senior class in college football. We have a chance as a senior class to have two national championships which is something no other team at Clemson has ever done.

“It is all based on our standards and our goals. We don’t really compare ourselves to anybody else.”

As Ferrell said, it is all based on what they want.

“The things that separate us is good enough to get us over the hump,” he said.

Watch the rest of Clelin Ferrell’s interview on TCITV.



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