Wallace says Notre Dame has a lot of playmakers

Wallace says Notre Dame has a lot of playmakers


Wallace says Notre Dame has a lot of playmakers

Here is a little bit about what we heard from K’Von Wallace as Clemson hosted Media Day at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson on Tuesday.

On playing at AT&T stadium:

“Playing in the biggest game on the biggest stage, it’s a blessing first and foremost. Just coming here and every year playing in the playoff is also another blessing. I’m really excited, and I can’t wait to go out there and play.”

On choosing Clemson:

“You come to Clemson to play in big games like this. Knowing that you are going to be playoff contenders every year, knowing that you are going to be one of the best teams in the country, just coming in here and competing and winning a starting spot. Also, just playing in these big games and under big lights gaining national attention. That’s what you come here for.”

On whether or not he will return:

“I really haven’t put too much thought into it. I am just focusing on the next game and the next opponent and worrying about this year. Whatever comes next year, that’s in God’s hands and not in my control.  With that being said, I’m talking with my family and everything of that nature. I just let God handle that stuff. We just want to beat Notre Dame and go to the championship and beat whoever is there.”

On prepping for a bowl game:

“Every game is hard. Every week the teams play us the best no matter who they play previously. They go hard and get a little extra hype when they play us. Every week is challenging so we just continue to come out prepared. Each game is the biggest game. This isn’t the biggest game just because it’s the playoffs. It’s always been like this. Every single game is the biggest game of the year- even when we play Furman or Georgia Southern.”

On knowing how to prepare for the playoffs:

“When you prepare, that comes with confidence. When you prepare as hard as you can you know that you did all that you could to give your best. That’s all Coach Swinney asks of us is to go out there and give it our best.”

On Notre Dame’s offense:

“They have a lot of playmakers. They give their playmakers the ball and things of that nature. Whatever they do, we are going to be ready. We are going to play them our hardest and they are going to pay us our hardest so may the best man win.”

On the secondary:

“I feel like we are very prepared. Like I said at the beginning of the year, everyone thinks the secondary is the weakest. We had two bad games, especially for me personally against South Carolina and Texas A&M. We can show that we can go out there and play.”



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