Williams using leadership to keep Galloway's spirits up

Williams using leadership to keep Galloway's spirits up


Williams using leadership to keep Galloway's spirits up


DALLAS — Clemson tight end Garrett Williams will have a difficult decision to make after the college football season is over for Clemson.

The redshirt junior will have to decide whether he is going to return for his final season of eligibility or pursue his dream of enlisting into the military.

“Just kind of the same,” Williams told The Clemson Insider. “Still trying to pray about it. Hopefully, we get a couple of more weeks before I have to decide that. Obviously, I’ve been thinking about a decision, but I’ll make a decision once the season ends.”

Williams has always had a passion for the military and serving his country, which is something both of his grandfathers did as well.

“I think it’s an incredible opportunity we have to serve this country,” he said. “Both of my grandpas were in the military. One in the U.S. Navy and one in the U.S. Marine Corps.

“I’ve always looked up to that. I’ve always looked up to those guys. I just think it’s honorable what they do and something I’d want to be a part of.”

Although going into the military has always been a dream for Williams, he is still focused on the task right in front of him which is coming out victorious over Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl game in order to make it back to the national championship game.

“It’s going to be special,” he said. “You know we came up a little short last year. Just to get another opportunity to come back again this year, it’s a blessing to be here.

“We’re going to be dialed in. We have a couple more days to polish up. We’re going to be ready on Saturday. We can’t wait.”

Despite the excitement this week has brought, it’s also given Clemson a huge setback when it was announced that freshman tight end Braden Galloway, reserve offensive lineman Zach Giella and defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence all tested positive for a banned substance called Ostarine. However, it’s been made very clear none of them ingested it intentionally.

As a veteran tight end Williams has done what he can to keep the spirits of Galloway up, as the freshman may not have the opportunity to participate in his first College Football Playoff experience.

“Like Coach Swinney has been saying, we know none of them intentionally did anything wrong,” Williams said. “They are three outstanding individuals. We all feel for them.

“I think as a room we’ve just tried to really rally around Braden and just try to keep his morale up, keep his attitude up. I know if he can’t play it’s going to suck having to sit on the sidelines. I did it all of last year. It’s no fun. Just wearing your jersey on the sidelines and not being able to play, so we’re going to have to encourage him and really just keep his morale up.”


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