College Football: It just means a little more at Clemson

College Football: It just means a little more at Clemson


College Football: It just means a little more at Clemson


By SEC logic, the Tigers care more about the sport than the entire SEC

A lot of people like to look at what Clemson has done over the last four years. Granted, it is easy to do. Why wouldn’t they, it’s impressive.

However, the Tigers run to greatness did not start in 2015. It actually all began in 2011, when they finally broke through and won the program its first ACC Championship in 20 years.

Since then, Clemson has just not been one of the more consistent programs in college football, but it has been one of the most dominant. In fact, only Alabama has won more games during that time span.

The Crimson Tide is 103-10 since the start of the 2011 season, while the Tigers are 97-15.

So, just how dominant has Clemson been in the last eight years?

Well, in college football, everyone is compared to the SEC, right? Because you know, in the SEC, “it just means more.” At least that is what we are told.

However, I think it means more at Clemson. Why?

To be honest, Clemson has owned the SEC. The Tigers have won 10 of their last 12 meetings against teams from the SEC. And they just aren’t beating up on South Carolina, either.

Clemson is 3-0 against the SEC West Champion the last three years and is 2-2 against mighty Alabama in the last four seasons. In case you might have forgot, the Tigers just beat ‘Bama for the second time in three years for the national championship and is 2-1 against the Tide in the title game.

Also, in case you forgot, Clemson beat Alabama, 44-16, to win the 2018 National Championship. I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that it means a lot to Clemson and its fan base to beat the SEC Champion by four touchdowns in the national championship.

Texas A&M and the Gamecocks are on Clemson’s 2019 football schedule, marking the ninth time in the last 10 years, the Tigers will face two SEC opponents in the regular season.

Just in case you are wondering, Clemson has played 20 games against SEC competition since 2011, that is more than any non-SEC team in the country. The Tigers are 14-6 (.700) in those 20 games against the SEC.

The 14 wins also represent the most victories against the SEC by a non-SEC team. Besides beating South Carolina and Alabama, Clemson also has victories over Auburn, LSU, Georgia and Texas A&M.

So, if college football truly means more in the SEC, then it means even a little more at Clemson, right?


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