For Butler, Tigers is all about Team No. 44

For Butler, Tigers is all about Team No. 44


For Butler, Tigers is all about Team No. 44


The Clemson women’s basketball team is off to it best start in nearly 20 years after recording its fifth straight ACC win Sunday at Pitt.

The Tigers are 14-5 overall and 5-1 in the ACC after their 65-59 road win.

For head coach Amanda Butler and guard Danielle Edwards, the great start to conference play is more about them than any one thing they are doing.

“We started out this year talking about the fact we are team No. 44,” Butler said to the media on Tuesday. “We were the 44th team in the history of women’s college basketball and that stands alone.

“There is a lot of great stuff that has proceeded to Team 44 and there are a lot of things where leadership may want to be different, but we are Team 44. We are not trying to be more proud because last season was not this way and less proud because we lost some games that we should not have. We are trying to make sure we have the focus that we are one hundred percent where are feet are right now.”

Watch Butler’s and Edwards’ press conference with the media on TCITV:



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