Clemson has highest paid assistants in college football, for now

Clemson has highest paid assistants in college football, for now


Clemson has highest paid assistants in college football, for now


Clemson has the highest paid assistant coaches in college football.

The Clemson University’s Board of Trustees Compensation Committee approved contractual changes to nine of the football program’s 10 on-field coaches Friday at the Madren Center in Clemson. Defensive coordinator Brent Venables is the only assistant who did not get a raise on Friday. However, he will likely get a raise when the BOT meets again in April.

As of now, Clemson’s assistant football coaches will make $7.195 million for this coming season.

“I think if we are not at the top, we are near the top or very near the top,” Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich said. “There are other universities and schools who are doing their compensations kind of in the same time we are.

“I think given the results on the field, that is the neighbor of where we should be.”

In that neighbor, Clemson is first on the block. The Tigers’ $7.195 million currently ranks No. 1 nationally.

Ohio State did lead the country in 2018 with a staff that made $7.3 million, but that staff has since disassembled and there are no reports on what the new coaching staff under new head coach Ryan Day will make.

Clemson’s assistant coaches’ combined salaries ranked second to Ohio State in 2018.

Currently, Clemson is considered to be the first coaching staff to have three assistant coaches make at least $1 million. On Friday, the BOT approved contractual changes that will make co-offensive coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott millionaires.

Elliott and Scott will make a million each this coming season, joining Venables who is currently making 2 million dollars.

The raises were well deserved. Clemson’s offense shot up this year from a year ago, finishing in the top 5 nationally in scoring offense and total offense. The Tigers averaged 44.3 points per game to rank fourth nationally in scoring, while they averaged 527.2 yards per game in total yards, which ranked third nationally.

“(Bumping them up to a million) was very important to Dabo as he went through and pulled all of this together and understanding the good work they had done,” Radakovich said. “The fact we have done a great job over the last few years retaining the staff that has been here.

“There has been very little turnover, and I think that certainly helps with the culture and the environment inside the program and has helped create the outstanding results that we have had.”

Elliott and Scott raises were a 17.6-percent jump in salary from the previous season. Defensive line coach Todd Bates had the biggest jump in salary with a 25-percent raise.

Bates is scheduled to make $375,000 this year, compared to $300,000 last year.

“I think each one of the coaches has incredible talent in certain areas, and Todd is an outstanding recruiter and did some great work for us,” Radakovich said. “I think Coach Swinney wanted to reward him for that and the on-the-field coaching. He did coach some pretty good defensive tackles.”

Though he is not considered an on-field coach, strength coach Joey Batson received a 20-percent raise and will make $600,000 this year, compared to the $500,000 he made last year.

“The market out there for strength and conditioning coaches has changed radically over the last five years and we have one of the best, if not the best in the country and we want to make sure he is compensated in the correct manner,” Radakovich said.

Lemanski Hall got a 16.7-percent raise and will make $350,000 this year.

“One of the board members talked about how these are good increases, but they also did great work,” Radakovich said. “The compensation was in line with performance and that is very important.”

Swinney and Radakovich are negotiating a new deal that will be announced later this year. If Swinney remains at Clemson through March 1, he will receive a retention bonus of $1.1 million. He is coming off the national championship run, which allowed him to make $1.4 million extra in bonuses.

Clemson is coming off a second national championship in three seasons, a year in which the Tigers dominated their competition. They won 13 of their 15 games by 20 or more points, including a 44-16 win over Alabama in the national championship game last month.

Clemson won each of its last 10 games by 20 or more points. The Tigers ranked in the top 5 nationally in both scoring offense and scoring defense, as well as in total offense and total defense.

Clemson football coaches’ salaries for $2018

Defensive coordinator Brent Venables: $2.0 million; last year made $2.0 million

Co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott: $1.0 million; last year made $850,000

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott: $1.0 million; last year made $850,000

Safeties Coach Mickey Conn: $400,000; last year made $370,000

Defensive tackles coach Todd Bates: $375,000; last year made $300,000

Offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell: $570,000; last year made $,540,000

Defensive ends coach Lemanski Hall: $350,000; last year made $300,000

Tight ends coach Danny Pearman: $505,000; last year made $480,000

Cornerbacks coach Mike Reed: $495,000; last year made $440,000

Quarterbacks Coach Brandon Streeter: $500,000; last year made $455,000

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