Wilkins expecting the unexpected at the NFL Scouting Combine

Wilkins expecting the unexpected at the NFL Scouting Combine


Wilkins expecting the unexpected at the NFL Scouting Combine


Christian Wilkins says he is not concerned about where he might be drafted in April’s NFL Draft, instead he is just looking to show scouts, general managers and head coaches what kind of player he is.

The former Clemson defensive tackle will get his first opportunity to show them on Feb. 27, when he reports for the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Ind.

“I am just trying to grind and put myself in the best position to get drafted in a good spot,” Wilkins said Saturday from The Fan Zone in North Charleston, S.C. “When I get there, that is when my work is just beginning. I just have to start over regardless of where I get drafted, earn people’s respect and take the opportunity and run with it.

“I don’t pay too much attention to the projections or anything like that. I’m just working on my craft and trying to do as well as I can so I can go where I need to go.”

Having his attitude and approach to the draft has allowed Wilkins not to be so nervous about performing at the combine. The 2018 unanimous All-American says he feels confident about the combine.

“I feel like worse case, I will be able to check all the boxes from the workouts, and all the off the field and on the field stuff. I feel they will check every box in some areas where I might exceed expectations,” Wilkins said.

Over the last month, Wilkins has spoken with a lot of former Tigers about the whole draft process, including the combine. They have told him all that it entails. At least mentally, he knows what to expect. However, he also knows some things could change as well.

“All of those guys have been helpful in just seeing what is up, and how the process goes,” he said. “You kind of hear about it, too.  We have a lot of guys that have gone on and done it through my four years, so I have heard a lot about what to expect.”

As for some of the tough questions that might be thrown his way during the teams’ interview portions of the combine, Wilkins says talking with the media as much as he has in his Clemson career will help him in some ways.

“It is kind of just like any other interview. You guys (the media) can ask anything,” he said. “You just kind of listen to both, what other guys experiences were and what other guys have been asked and you just prepare for whatever.

“You really cannot be prepared for it. My thing is to just expect the unexpected.”

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