Humility separates Ross, Clemson’s receivers from other schools

Humility separates Ross, Clemson’s receivers from other schools


Humility separates Ross, Clemson’s receivers from other schools


When you catch six passes for 153 yards after making one amazing catch after another against Alabama in the national championship game, nonetheless, it’s easy for a young man to think highly of himself.

But Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross is not that kind of young man.

None of that matters to him. He just wants to build off the experience. Learn from it and grow as a player.

“I have to come out here and work every day,” Ross said. “I have to come out here with the right mindset and go full speed with everything I do.”

This is the first spring for Ross at Clemson. He enrolled in school last summer, so he has yet to experience a full year of coaching from co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott. However, that did not stop him from leading the Tigers with 1,000 yards on 46 catches, including nine touchdowns in 2018.

“You get a chance to learn a lot more during the spring,” Ross said after Friday’s practice. “When I got here during the summer I just had to jump in and make it work the best I could. Now that I get a spring, I feel like I can develop a lot more.”

Scott says its Ross’ humble personality that keeps him hungry and wanting more. He says the Phenix City, Ala., native is just one of those young men, like Tee Higgins and Amari Rodgers, that Clemson attracts.

“Maybe it is because Coach Swinney and his recruiting talk, he gets up there and spends thirty minutes talking about no entitlement,” Scott said. “‘You are going to have earn it. I am not going to promise you anything.’ Where sometimes, the other recruiting head coaches, at other schools, are sending them text messages guaranteeing them they are going to start day one, which I think probably is not accurate.

“We don’t get kids that are looking for that. So, usually the guys that we attract are the guys that are humbled, hungry, hard-working and want to get better.”

Despite catching 12 passes for 301 yards and scoring three touchdowns against Notre Dame and Alabama in the College Football Playoff, Scott believes Ross does not get caught in all the hype and instead just goes to work and tries to get better.

“He reminds me a lot of Sammy (Watkins) in that regard,” the Clemson coach said. “Sammy was just kind of humble, ho-hum, no big deal. That is kind of how Justyn is. I mean, he knows what is out there, but he is not worried about that and he is really locked in, focused and just his humbled personality, he gets from his mom.

“That is what I would say. He reminds me a lot of his mom.”

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