Lawrence discusses intramural incident

Lawrence discusses intramural incident


Lawrence discusses intramural incident

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Last month, while playing in an intramural basketball game, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was videoed on Twitter shoving a fellow student to the ground after he tried to set a pick about 80-feet from the basket on the 6-foot-6, 215-pound Tiger.

The video of course went viral and unfortunately for Lawrence, Clemson and his family, it got a lot of national attention from the media.

Lawrence said after practice on Monday, it was a great learning his experience for him.

“I think everything is just a learning experience,” Lawrence said. “You can say that you wish you handled things differently, and I do. But, like you said, everyone is watching, and I just have to be smarter than that.

“At the end of the day, I’m playing a game. It gets competitive. That is how it is. Me and him, we shook hands afterwards, you know. It gets blown out of proportion, but I have to know, just because it is me, it is going to be put everywhere and made a big deal. So, I just need to be smarter than that.”

Watch Lawrence’s interview with the media on TCITV.


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