Kelly says the standard doesn’t change on the D-Line

Kelly says the standard doesn’t change on the D-Line


Kelly says the standard doesn’t change on the D-Line


Xavier Kelly has spent the last year training to make the transition from defensive end to defensive tackle. Kelly recently spoke on what it was like to make his transition and how last season helped him smooth into that change.

Kelly on his transition to defensive tackle

“It’s kind of similar to defensive end, just taking on a lot more double teams. It was a big adjustment for me, but you know you got guys like Jordan Williams that are leaders and now I am stepping up to a leadership role. It really is not that big of a transition for me.”

Kelly on Albert Huggins

“Albert, he did play defensive end and he handled it the right way. Every day he came to practice and led by example. Just a guy like Albert Huggins, you know that was a guy that I looked up to, so he was very motivational to me.”

Kelly on the depth at defensive tackle

“The depth, we don’t really have much depth at defensive tackle, so it is important for me to get better and make that step and become a leader and lead by example.”

Kelly on Clelin Ferrell helping with the moped accident

“When I got into a moped accident (freshman year), that was pretty crazy, but Clelin put me under his wing. Just the little things like if I need a ride somewhere or, you know I was in crutches. So, I could barely walk up the stairs to my apartment. He would be there to drop me off and help me up the stairs and take me to eat somewhere if I needed it.”

Kelly on the role the leaders played before him

“I’ve been here for three years with those guys and just see how they lead, I’m just glad I got to see that because they set the standard. Just because they’re gone, the standard doesn’t change.”


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