From the Heart of Momma Boyd

From the Heart of Momma Boyd


From the Heart of Momma Boyd


A new book from the mother of All-American Tajh Boyd tells the story of what it like to be the mom of one of Clemson’s greatest quarterbacks of all time

There is a new book for Clemson fans on and it’s not just about football.

Carla Boyd, the mother of former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, has written a book called From the Heart of Momma Boyd.’ The book chronicles her life and what it was like to be the mother of an All-American quarterback at a major university.

“It is for everybody,” Carla Boyd said to The Clemson Insider. “It can be for a parent who is sending their child to school. It is scary sending your kids off to school.”

In the book, Carla writes about her early life and why it was important to give her two boys—Tajh and T.J.—a different upbringing than the one she experienced. The book also details Tajh’s and T.J’s playing days in high school and Tajh’s college recruiting process.

“I think it will inspire families and we help them when they go through the adversities of having a high-profile athlete in their family,” Carla said. “We overcame a lot and we stuck together and kept pushing forward regardless.”

Carla also shares her and her family’s relationship with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. In the book, she speaks about the first time they met Swinney and what he means to her and to Tajh.

“Dabo is so genuine,” she said. “People always ask me what he is really like. I tell them, he is what they see. He is really like that. He is one of the more genuine people I know.”

Swinney gave Carla the nickname “Momma Boyd” during Tajh’s recruitment to Clemson. When she, husband Tim and T.J. moved to Clemson with Tajh in 2009, the nickname stuck. Tajh would bring home his teammates a lot and they too started calling her “Momma Boyd.”

It’s a name she wears with pride and joy.

“Clemson is that type of place that it just feels like God has his hands on the university,” she said. “For the kids, it was like a brotherhood. They get along. They look out for each other. I love that part.

“I love being Momma Boyd. The cooking, the players coming over, eating and kicking back and watching T.V. with Tajh and T.J. It is just a family atmosphere. For any family that feels uncomfortable, I think they should consider Clemson. It is a safe environment and they are in good hands when they are here.”

But the Boyds also went through some adversity at Clemson. Carla wrote about the move from Virginia to Clemson and how it financially strained the family. She writes about the sacrifices they all made so they could be close to Tajh and watch him play and live out his dream of playing major college football.

She also writes about some of the pressures Tajh went through, the ups and downs that come with being the quarterback of the Clemson football team. She also chronicles the mom’s point of view from Tajh’s draft process and the heartbreak she had for him when his NFL career did not work out.

“I was hurt,” she said. “I was hurting for him. So, I reached out to NFL teams. I write about that in the book. Tajh did not know any of this. Tim did not know. I just prayed for him and things would come to me. I was working behind the scenes. I was fighting for my son.”

And that’s what the book is about, a mother’s love for her two boys and doing everything she can to make sure they have every opportunity they can to succeed.

You can order a copy of Carla Boyd’s book: From the Heart of Momma Boyd at


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