Swinney would like to see student athletes ‘have access to something’ upon graduation

Swinney would like to see student athletes ‘have access to something’ upon graduation


Swinney would like to see student athletes ‘have access to something’ upon graduation


On Tuesday, the NCAA announced it has appointed a working group to examine issues highlighted in a recently proposed federal and state legislation related to a student-athlete’s name, image and likeness.

According to the board, the group will not consider any concepts that could be construed as payment for participation in college sports. The NCAA’s mission to provide opportunity for students to compete against other students prohibits any contemplation of pay-for-play.

Upon hearing the news, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney told The Clemson Insider earlier this week during the ACC Spring Meetings that there are just too many unknowns to give his opinion at this time.

“I am not educated enough on it to comment,” he said. “There are so many dynamics where this sport or that sport … is it the same for this guy as it is this guy. I don’t know enough of the parameters of it.”

The NCAAs working group will bring together diverse opinions from the schools’ administrations and student athletes as they will examine the NCAA’s position on name, image and likeness benefits and potentially propose rule modifications that would be tied to education.

However, as Gene Smith, Ohio State senior vice president and athletics director and working group co-chair stated in an NCAA release, “the formation of this working group will not result in paying students as employees.”

As part of its efforts, the working group will study modifications of current rules, policies and practices. In particular, it will focus on solutions that tie any changes to education; maintain the clear demarcation between professional and college sports; and further align student-athletes with the general student body.

“I would love to see there be some type of stipend or annuity or something where upon graduation they would have access to something, so it will be tied to the student-athlete, which ultimately is what it should be about,” Swinney said.

A final report by the working group is due to the Board of Governors in October, with an update provided in August.



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