Spiller: 'We were tired of losing bowl games'

Spiller: 'We were tired of losing bowl games'


Spiller: 'We were tired of losing bowl games'

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On Clemson’s list of goals, which can be found inside the team’s meeting room inside the Allen Reeves Football Complex, no where does it say “win the national championship.”

In fact, the fifth and final goal is “win the last game.”

The premise behind that goal comes from the 2009 seniors, Swinney’s first team as Clemson’s head coach. Those seniors were 0-3 in bowl games to that point, losing to Kentucky, Auburn and Nebraska to close out each season.

“We were just so tired of losing bowl games,” Clemson running back C.J. Spiller recalled in Part 4 of our Clemson’s Finest interview. “So going into that season, we were like, ‘We are not going to lose a bowl game.”

Spiller talks about his record-setting season at Clemson, how disappointed he was about not going to New York for the Heisman Trophy Presentation and what life in the NFL was like.



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