Swinney doesn’t just say ‘the best is yet to come,’ he believes it

Swinney doesn’t just say ‘the best is yet to come,’ he believes it


Swinney doesn’t just say ‘the best is yet to come,’ he believes it


One of Dabo Swinney’s favorite catch phrases is “the best is yet to come.”

The Clemson head coach uses that phrase as often as he does “being all in.” When Swinney says “the best is yet to come” it gets Clemson football fans even more excited than they already are about the future.

The Tigers are currently living in the best era in the history of what was already an historic football program. In this decade, Clemson has already won 103 games, the most ever in a 10-year stretch with still one year to go.

The program has produced eight straight 10-win seasons, won five ACC Championships, has eight bowl victories and played for the national championship three times. And oh, by the way, the Tigers won two of those national championship games, including last year’s 44-16 victory over Alabama in Santa Clara, California.

Clemson, right now, is the premiere program in college football. However, despite all the Tigers’ success, you can still hear Swinney say “the best is yet to come” at every Prowl & Growl meeting on the IPTAY tour in the spring or when he is talking to the media.

“I do believe the best is yet to come. I always believe that,” he said. “That is why God put our eyes in the front of our head. Not in the back. That is just what I think and believe.”

And the thing is, there is no reason not to believe it. Just look at what Clemson has done on the recruiting trail in recent years and this current year. 247Sports currently has Clemson’s 2020 recruiting class No. 1 in the country in its composite rankings. Rivals also has the Tigers ranked No. 1.

This is following a year in which Rivals listed Clemson’s 2019 class with a No. 9 ranking and 247Sports had it 10th in their composite rankings. The Tigers ranked No. 7 (247Sports) and No. 8 (Rivals) respectively in 2018.

This past class, Clemson signed 29 players overall, it’s largest in Swinney’s 10-plus years as head coach. The 29 players represent 14 different states, the most in Clemson history.

“We just want to get the right guys,” Swinney said. “We just want to get the best players, but guys that fit our program, fit our culture and want to be coached and want to be held accountable and want and value an education. Those are the guys we are looking for.

“It is really neat to see a guy like Joseph Ngata and (Taisun) Phommachanh, from Connecticut to California, that are really good students that are coming to Clemson because they see the value in this program. That is awesome for me to see that.”

And that is why Swinney always says, “the best is yet to come.”


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