Brando stuns Finebaum with Clemson pick

Brando stuns Finebaum with Clemson pick


Brando stuns Finebaum with Clemson pick


Longtime broadcaster says Tigers will crush Alabama, again

Tim Brando is considered, by some, to be an SEC homer. He was born and raised in Louisiana. He covered LSU and the SEC for years and was a studio host for the SEC’s Game of the Week on CBS.

However, Brando has also been very objective in his career and calls things like he sees it. He is one of the more respected broadcasters in his profession and is a guy a lot of people listen to when he speaks.

On Thursday, a lot of college football fans heard him say Clemson will repeat as national champions and the Tigers will do it again by crushing Alabama in the national championship game. Brando made his protection on, of all places, the Paul Finebaum Show.

Brando listed what he called his preseason, but really a postseason, top 13. In other words, this is his prediction on how things will look when the 2019 season is completed in January. He says Clemson, Alabama, Michigan and Georgia will make the College Football Playoff and then the Tigers and the Crimson Tide will advance to the national championship game.

“Alabama gets there,” he said. “They are going to win every game, including the matchup against Georgia (in the SEC Championship Game) and that means, of course, who do they get at the top? Clemson. Little ole Clemson, again. And I don’t see anyway you stop Clemson from beating them down, again.

“I see a beat down very similar to the one we saw a year ago. Yeah, it was twenty-eight points then. I think it will be over two and a half to three touchdowns this year.”

Brando’s prediction shocked Finebaum, of course, causing the SEC Radio and television personality to give Brando, who is a longtime friend of his, a warning.

“Tim, this has been absolute joy. You have not disappointed any one and I don’t know what your plans are for the rest of the evening, but I might advise you to avoid Twitter,” Finebaum said jokingly.

Brando chuckled and said, “Paul, you know that will never happen.”

Finebaum replied, “You have a busy night ahead watching the mentions blowup.”

Tim Brando’s postseason top 13 for 2019

  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Michigan
  4. Georgia
  5. Oklahoma
  6. LSU
  7. Texas
  8. Nebraska
  9. Oregon
  10. Memphis
  11. Notre Dame
  12. Washington
  13. Iowa State


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