Muse: 'We get after it in the trenches'

Muse: 'We get after it in the trenches'


Muse: 'We get after it in the trenches'


CHARLOTTE — Clemson senior safety Tanner Muse will be a leader for what Dabo Swinney considers to the best back seven he has ever had. With the pressure on, Muse is looking for one last successful season. 

Muse on where his drive comes from

“I think it comes — I mean, it comes just from the success, tasting the success, being able to continue to strive to get to the top of the mountain, top of the totem pole. We’ve suffered a few losses since I’ve been there. I hate losing more than anything, just having that bitter taste in my mouth. I always think back of those times, how it felt, how bad it was. That always drives me to continue to get better, continue to bring the guys along where they don’t have to feel what we felt in previous years.”

Muse on slowing offenses down

“I think it all comes into our preparation. We prepare so hard. Coach (Brent) Venables makes sure we’re in there. We go a little overtime sometimes. You know, it’s all worth it at the end of the day. I think our preparation is top-tier in the nation. The amount of film we watch all summertime, springtime and now, getting into the season I think is what really sets us ahead of others.”

Muse on Swinney saying this could be the best back seven he’s had

“Makes me feel pretty good. We’ve had some good back sevens in the past. For him to say that… Me being one of the seniors, a part of, that I feel very privileged and honored. But it doesn’t stop there. We have 11 guys on the field, so that seven has to really lead the other four to be able to all work together as a cohesive unit. If you have one bad player on the field, it can end up in a touchdown. It really doesn’t matter about what group’s the best, as long as that defense is tip-top shape, all the bolts are tightened, then we’ll be just fine.”

Muse discusses the chip on the secondary’s shoulder

“We got a bunch of things said about us after the South Carolina game. I thought we really proved ourselves against Pittsburgh. I think we kept them under a hundred yards passing, which is unheard of, in a championship-type game. That was really satisfying as a team. Building that into the Playoffs, doing what we did, a lot of guys coming out, having their coming-out party — like Nolan Turner making that pick against Notre Dame — that was huge for him, being a confidence-booster, putting different packages in. We really had all four of our safeties out on the field at the same time. That’s just a big thing for us, just being able to have pride in our unit, just understanding that it’s not about what the outside media is talking about — it’s about what we have in our team, how we have our players, coaches, how we feel about each other. If there’s a problem there, we’re going to handle it. Outside stuff, really doesn’t bother us. We know what we’re about, how we do things.”

Muse on what breeds success

“Yeah, we get after it in the trenches. Every week we have some full days, things like that. It really just kind of keeps us humble knowing what we’re going to feel on Saturdays is no comparison to what we’re facing each other. I feel like we have our best practice squad, which is good on good. That’s what makes us good and so much better as the season keeps going on. We’ll play great teams, but we’ll also play a great offense. I think that’s what makes us really good, keeps us tiptop and super sharp.”


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