Skalksi has high expectations

Skalksi has high expectations


Skalksi has high expectations


According to Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney, people need to be on the lookout for James Skalski this season. After redshirting the 2018 season, the redshirt Junior is hoping this season will be a breakout year.

Skalski on Head Coach Dabo’s Swinney’s comments that the college football world will know him soon

“I feel like he’s a guy who has been learning over the past three years from guys who have been doing it at a really high level. It’s in due time. I’ve learned a lot. He’s just is saying I’m ready for the big lights. I hope I can live up to that.”

Skalski’s favorite quality about his game

“I think the physicality I bring. It’s all out all the time. Plowing through people is what I try and do.  If you’re doing anything wrong, don’t be soft. That’s what my mindset is. That is what my game is built on is being real physical.”

Skalski’s thoughts on his biggest need for improvement

I think knowledge is the easy thing to say. The more sure of yourself you are, the faster you play. Just gaining more and more knowledge every day. I probably should go get with the defensive ends on some pass rush. I’m trying to break some new stuff out of the arsenal.”

Skalski on his summer progress

 “I lost 14 pounds this summer. I was pretty heavy in the ‘natty’. I was around 250. My weight goal is 238 and the big weigh in I was 234. After this practice, I’m probably a little less than that. I’m sitting around 236, 234. I lost a good weight and got leaned up. I’m feeling faster and feeling better.”

Skalski on his body transformation

 “It was just eating right. That’s the biggest part really. Abs are made in the kitchen, right? Yeah, just eating good and being consistent with that.”  



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