Anchrum on Clemson fans: ‘They give us the energy to go and dominate every Saturday’

Anchrum on Clemson fans: ‘They give us the energy to go and dominate every Saturday’


Anchrum on Clemson fans: ‘They give us the energy to go and dominate every Saturday’


When he was growing up, Tremayne Anchrum was a big fan of Tim Duncan. He watched how the former NBA All-Star and World Champion handled himself on and off the floor. He always wondered what it might be like to meet his hero.

That’s why it is so important to Clemson’s starting right tackle that he gives every child he meets his full attention.

“That is how I look at these kids now. When they see us on TV, they see us out there. They look up to us and they want to be where we are,” he said.

That’s why Anchrum loves Fan Appreciation Day, which Clemson held Sunday at Memorial Stadium in Clemson. More than 20,000 Clemson fans lined up in the stadium to meet their favorite Tigers. One fan told The Clemson Insider they got to Clemson Saturday night at 9:45 p.m., so they could get the opportunity to meet quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

More than 1,000 fans stood in the quarterbacks’ line so they could meet their national championship quarterback and get him to sign a football, magazine cover or shirt for them.

“He is a super star and super stars have to do what they have to do,” Anchrum said smiling. “Trevor is a good guy and he will give it all he’s got today. I should go get in line and get (an autograph) myself.”

Anchrum described Fan Appreciation Day as a day when it is the Tigers’ turn to give back to the fans.

“Fan Appreciation Day is absolutely an abnormal day for us,” he said. “We have a sense of duty to our fans that we need to give back to them because without them our passion for winning would not be the same. They give us that motivation. That energy that is so unique to Clemson that fills the stadium. They give us the energy to go and dominate every Saturday.”

It is also another way for the 2019 team to continue to build is comradery, as the get the opportunity to take a break from fall camp, hang out, cut it loose and have some fun together.

“We interact with fans and interact with each other, which is just as important as team chemistry as practice would be,” Anchrum said.

“It is kind of special. To these kids we are the big men on campus, the heroes of their day, the things they look up to,” he continued. “That is really important to how we portray ourselves and how we interact with them because they are the future and how we set the example is how they are going to follow.”



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