Coaches will make in-season decisions on who will or will not redshirt

Coaches will make in-season decisions on who will or will not redshirt


Coaches will make in-season decisions on who will or will not redshirt


With the NCAA newest redshirt rule, now it is second year, players can play up to four games before being declared as a redshirt. Coaches like Clemson’s Dabo Swinney get the opportunity to see their freshmen in live action before they have to make a decision.

“Everybody is going to play,” Swinney said about his freshmen class. “So, that is the good news with the way it is today. Everybody is going to play, and we have four games to play with.”

Swinney says they have a few guys in the freshmen class that they feel they are definitely going to redshirt, while they have several that are on the bubble.

“Right now, our plan is to let them play four games and make a decision from there,” he said. “Then we have some guys that we know are going to play. So, we are not going to get into all of those names and how we got it, but we definitely made some decisions on that.”

Though Swinney will not officially release the names of the players he is going to play and the ones on the bubble, here is an idea of what the coaches might be thinking, just based on the comments we heard from the coaches during fall camp and on our own observations from observing practice when we have had the opportunity to  do so.

Again, these assumptions are strictly this writer’s and not from anyone on the coaching staff.

As for the guys who will play, I think it is no brainer for most on this list. This of course barring any injuries in the four games they play in.

Likely not to redshirt: Joseph Ngata, WR; Tyler Davis, DT; Sheridan Jones, CB; Jaelyn Lay, TE; Frank Ladson, WR; Andrew Booth, CB; Joseph Charleston, S; Jalyn Phillips, S; Lannden Zanders, S.

As for the guys on the bubble this is a little more up in the air, hence being on the bubble. For example, Clemson does not want to redshirt Davis Allen at tight end. Swinney has said they need him to play. However, he missed all of camp with a foot injury and how far behind is he and can he make it up and be a contributor when he does return to action. At running back, the Tigers like to play four guys, but with Darien Rencher likely the third team running back, it appears, at least right now, that either Michel Dukes or Chez Mellusi will be redshirted.

Likely on the bubble: Davis Allen, TE; Michel Dukes, RB; LaVonte Bentley, LB; Keith Maguire, LB; Chez Mellusi, RB; Ruke Orhorhoro, DT; Kane Patterson, LB; Will Putnam, OL; Hunter Rayburn, OL; Brannon Spector, WR; Aidan Swanson, P.

As for those likely to be redshirted, remember things can change once they start playing. It can come together for someone when they get in a game and the coaches might think they have earned the right to keep playing. Swinney always says he is going to play the best players that have earned the right to play.

Likely will redshirt: Logan Cash, DL; Kaleb Boateng, OL; Bryton Constantin, LB; Tayquon Johnson, DL; Taisun Phommachanh, QB; Etinosa Reuben, DL; Ray Thornton, S; Greg Williams, DE; Mason Trotter, OL.

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