Elliott pleased with progression of Tigers

Elliott pleased with progression of Tigers


Elliott pleased with progression of Tigers


With a third of the regular season complete, co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott is pleased with the progression of No. 1 Clemson. The Tigers have already outscored their opponents 169 to 40 through just the first four games of the season.

Elliott on outscoring opponents

“For us we talk about getting off to a fast start and I think the faster we start, the quicker we get into a rhythm. It helps the physic on the sideline, the offense with the defense and I would imagine it probably puts some pressure on the opposing team as well. That’s the focus for us.”

Elliott on Heisman candidates

“We don’t worry about that. Obviously, the decision is made outside of our control and outside of our building. We just focus on being the best version of ourselves and playing our best football. Offensively we’ve talked about it as well … not having an ego with what we do offensively.”

Elliott on starters being happy for backups

“Those guys were in that position at one time and they appreciate the fact that the older guys want them to get an opportunity to play and they also understand that we have to have depth. The only way that we build depth, competitive depth is if those guys get experience.”

Elliott on North Carolina’s defense

“They got players. The biggest thing is they’re playing hard. You can tell that they believe in the scheme. Their nose guard, No. 92 does a really good job inside. He can be a two gap guy, he can be a penetrate when he wants to. They’re athletic at defensive end.”

Elliott on the progression on the center position

“I say this and this is just my opinion, but I think we became a true championship program to compete year in and year out when we were solid up the middle from the center to the quarterback. And that started with Jay (Guillermo). His growth as a center has carried over and I think that’s kind of created that tradition at that center position.”



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