Amazingly, Clemson loses respect with coaches, media, while idle Alabama gets more love

Amazingly, Clemson loses respect with coaches, media, while idle Alabama gets more love


Amazingly, Clemson loses respect with coaches, media, while idle Alabama gets more love


Let me get this straight, Clemson does not play this week and falls further back from top-ranked Alabama, even though the Crimson Tide was off this week too. Am I missing something?

In case you didn’t know, the Associated Press and the Amway Coaches Polls were released on Sunday and idle Alabama, No. 1 in both polls for a second straight week, gained more first place votes while second-ranked Clemson, who was also idle, lost votes.

This is where you throw in the hand-on-chin emoji.

In the AP Top 25, the Crimson went from 29 first place votes last week, to 32 this week, while racking up 1,503 points. Alabama stole three of the Tigers’ first place votes from last week, though neither team played.

Again, hand-on-chin emoji.

Clemson’s first place votes went from 18 in Week 6’s poll to 15 on Sunday, while tallying 1,426 points.

You would think things might be a little different in the Coaches Poll, right? You would be wrong.

Alabama stole 10 of Clemson’s first place votes, one from Ohio State and one from Georgia, plus got one from whoever the coach was last week that did cast a vote.

Again, hand-on-chin emoji.

How does that happen? I could understand Ohio State maybe stealing some votes or Georgia, considering they both played Saturday night. But Alabama?

Did Alabama’s off week look more impressive than Clemson’s? Was Nick Saban’s pool-side interview on College GameDay from his Tuscaloosa home that more impressive than Dabo Swinney’s teleconference call with the media earlier in the week?

Is Clemson being punished because it took the weekend off instead of practicing?

What gives?

Has any defending national champion in college football history, who began the year No. 1 in the country, fallen from grace so fast even though it won its most recent game and is still undefeated?

I normally don’t care about trivial things such as these. But it is interesting to see how fast the national media’s perception has changed in regard to the defending national champions.

Heaven forbid if the Tigers lose. They might go from No. 2 to not even ranked the next week.

How fast has Clemson fallen, at least in the No. 1 and No. 2 spots? After the Tigers’ Week 2 win over Texas A&M, when everyone said the Tigers were unbeatable and they all loved them, they owned a 56-6 edge in first place votes over Alabama in the AP Poll and had a 55-point lead for the No. 1 spot.

After their 36-point win at Syracuse, the Tigers increased their lead to 57-5 in first place votes and led by 57 points overall.

In Week 5, following a 42-point win over Charlotte, Clemson upped its lead to 58 points and had 55 first place votes to Bama’s 6.

Then came the North Carolina game. Granted, the Tigers did not play well and hung on for a one-point victory. However, they still won the game and they found a way to do it on the road.

Is Clemson better than North Carolina? Absolutely! Should the game have been a blowout? No doubt? But how long is Clemson going to be punished for a game it won.

Some in the national media are just dismissing Clemson as if they are just a run-of-the-mill top 10 team. When asked today on SirusXM radio if there was a team that could hang with Alabama and maybe score 40 points on them, Ohio State was mentioned, LSU was mentioned, Oklahoma was mentioned and so was Georgia.

Nobody mentioned Clemson. No one mentioned the one program that has consistently gone toe-to-toe with Alabama the last four years and scored 44 points on the Tide in a 44-16 win in the national championship.

A lot of the national pundits say Clemson is not even a playoff team right now. I don’t know what they are watching, but Clemson is as talented or in some cases more talented than the other teams listed.

One television and radio show host, Peter Burns, who hosts ESPN’s College Football Live on Tuesdays, as well as his SEC Network responsibilities, said he does not believe in Clemson and compares the Tigers to Penn State and Florida.

“Obviously, you’re asking the anchor of the SEC Network and a guy who has 17 SEC tattoos on his body … You’re saying Ohio State, and I don’t believe in Clemson,” he said on SirusXM’s ESPNU Channel on Sunday. “I think the one caveat there is what Oklahoma looks like, right. And we’ll get to see that against Texas this week, against Sam Ehlinger, and their defense looks different. But I still go with LSU, Alabama and Georgia.

“To me there are sprinters in college football and there are joggers, and I think Ohio State’s a sprinter, LSU’s a sprinter, Alabama’s a sprinter, Oklahoma’s a sprinter. The joggers are Clemson, the joggers are Florida, the joggers are Penn State. Like, they’re quality teams that they could give a run. But I think in 2019, football’s about sprinting. So, what Georgia was able to do once they stopped messing around against Tennessee was impressive.”

I guess Mr. Burns forgot Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma came sprinting out of the gate last year as well, while Clemson just kind of set its pace and jogged through the first five games of the season. However, in the end, it was the jogger, not any of the sprinters that lifted the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy last January. But I guess Mr. Burns and the naysayers out there have conveniently forgotten about that.

You would have think, after winning two national championships in three years Clemson would have gained a little more respect than the way it has been treated here lately by the national media. I guess I was wrong.

This is where you throw in the hand-on-chin emoji.

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