Lawrence muting the outside noise, focusing on Boston College

Lawrence muting the outside noise, focusing on Boston College


Lawrence muting the outside noise, focusing on Boston College


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence stepped away from preparing for Saturday’s game against Boston College (7:30pm) to take questions from the media in the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex.

Lawrence discussed his performance in last week’s game against the Louisville Cardinals, Clemson’s dropping again in the AP poll, and how much louder the outside noise is getting as the season progresses.

Lawrence on what to expect from Boston College

“I think the formula’s been set. Every week, we do the same things and we prepare the same way. BC’s a really good team and as far as just looking at their record, you might not think so, but you can look at some really close losses. Just watching them on tape, they’re really physical. Last year, they were the same way. Really physical, always in the right spots, and they’re just really smart and well coached so they’re going to be a tough team.”

Lawrence on how he handles the criticism

“It’s just something I’ve accepted and is something I’ve learned throughout my two years here now. It’s just going to happen being the quarterback here. All the guys get the same thing too… Travis (Etienne)… Tee (Higgins). It’s just part of the position that we’re in and it just comes with it. You just have to ignore it as best as you can, and you have to keep that stuff outside of your circle and outside of this building for sure.”

Lawrence on having others to rely on while he faces scrutiny from the outside

“I think having conversations about stuff like that if it’s bothering you is really important. I think I do a good job of keeping all of the outside noise outside. I’m not really looking at it, but it is good to have people that you can bounce things off of and tell people how you feel if you’re struggling with something or even just want to get away from football for a little bit.”

Lawrence on how he improves himself after troubling performances

“On my interceptions, I usually know right after what it was, what I did wrong, whatever…. I know they were really bad plays, so I think those are easy fixes. Those are just dumb plays that I made. There is a sense of urgency for me to get back out to practice and just want to get all that behind me and start a new week. I like to do that, especially after a game whether we won big, whatever it may be, or a close game. I like to start the new week and getting focused on the next opponent instead of thinking about the week before.”

Lawrence on his and the team’s feelings on falling to No. 4 in the AP Poll.

“We’re just going to keep doing the same thing. We can’t really do anything else. I think, personally, I can play a little better but, as far as the team, the last two weeks we’ve played well, and we’ve won by big margins. Other than that, I don’t know what else we can do. That’s what Coach (Dabo) Swinney always says, ‘Don’t try to control things that you can’t control.’ We can’t control what they’re going to rank us and that’s obvious after the last two weeks. We’re just going to keep playing, and in the end it’ll work itself out.”

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