Rencher is enjoying every opportunity he gets

Rencher is enjoying every opportunity he gets


Rencher is enjoying every opportunity he gets


Darien Rencher explained why he is so thankful to the Clemson Football Program. A former walk-on, he speaks on how he cherishes his experience and moments at Clemson.

He is thankful for the way Dabo Swinney leads the Tigers. Rencher is enjoying his journey at Clemson and is eager for what he still has left to prove.

Rencher on his walk-on experience

“Being a walk-on especially here, the coaches truly honor your work. Especially if you’re a guy who is doing it consistently. You have to believe it for yourself before any coaches do it for you. Coach (Dabo) Swinney, (Tony) Elliott, and (Jeff) Scott were all walk-ons who have seen you have to believe in yourself. There have been points when they have had to pick me up, and then there are times I believed in myself when nobody did. That was God, it has all been awesome.”

Rencher on his touchdown vs. Louisville

“It was awesome, I am not gonna lie. We didn’t know which play to call because the color board was down, so I went to the line and called the play myself and everybody was laughing. They thought the game was over, but we had one more play to call and Coach Swinney told us to snap the ball. It was awesome, as soon as I got the ball, I knew I was going in. In my head I am a cool dude, I usually have something planned, but honestly, I didn’t really have anything planned. I was super giddy. I was skipping into the end zone. For my dad and a lot of his friends it was a close game, so they got to come. My dad had his big 21 jersey on, and I saw him immediately going crazy.”

Rencher on the support from his teammates

“It was awesome to see how much they appreciated me and how much love they showed. I got slapped on my head probably one hundred times coming off the sidelines. That means the most to me.”

Rencher on Coach Elliott’s role in him earning a scholarship

“Coach Elliott, I wouldn’t call him a father figure because I have a really good dad. I feel like he is a successful uncle, he is too young to be my Pop’s, but he is like a successful uncle. He has always told me ‘life ain’t equal, it’s not even, but it’s fair.’ That has always helped my perspective. Life isn’t equal or even but it’s my job to make it fair. He reminded me to keep myself humble and stay grounded. He told me after practice, no matter what you wanted it to be, be thankful for what it is. So, for me to come to Clemson, be on scholarship, I am actually in the rotation, I am getting to live out a dream and get to see cool things happen off the field. In totality, just being thankful for what it is and just enjoy it.”

Rencher on enjoying his journey

“Sometimes you can get so frustrated on what it is not, you just have to enjoy it more. For me the last couple games it has been cool. As a byproduct of that I feel like I have been playing better. I have been enjoying it. Whether it is warmups, bus rides, free food, whatever it is just enjoying it.”

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