Rudolph's alter ego is as intense as he is hilarious

Rudolph's alter ego is as intense as he is hilarious


Rudolph's alter ego is as intense as he is hilarious


On the field, Clemson defensive end Logan Rudolph is all business and “a ball of intensity,” as head coach Dabo Swinney put it.

Off the field, Rudolph is very different, with a dry sense of humor capable of cracking up the whole team.

“He is dry, he’s very dry, but hilarious. I mean literally hilarious,” Swinney said during his press conference Tuesday. “He just has this very serious demeanor to him all the time. He’s very much about his business, but he is absolutely hysterical.”

Rudolph, a redshirt sophomore, is recognized by many as the guy who went viral in May 2016 with a video of him committing to Clemson while chopping wood in jorts (jean shorts).

But now, at least among his teammates, Rudolph may be better known as “Coach Stiff.”

“He has an alter ego called ‘Coach Stiff,’” Swinney said. “So, the past few games we’ve been calling Coach Stiff up to address the team in postgame, and that’s been a lot of fun.”

When Rudolph – or Coach Stiff, rather – stood in front of the team after a recent game, he knew he needed to put on a good show for his teammates.

“After one game, Coach Swinney just called me up and called me out, so I had to deliver,” Rudolph said. “I was really nervous, but I had a quick one-liner and the guys seemed to like it.”

Rudolph brought Coach Stiff to Instagram a few months ago, posting a video that now has close to 30,000 views.

“He did some crazy recruiting video making fun of the recruiting process as Coach Stiff with the glasses,” Swinney said, “talking about ‘Yeah buddy, it’s been 24 hours since I last talked to you. Just wanted to make sure you slept well and didn’t forget about me,’ or whatever. It was so funny. It’s just random stuff like that.

“So, the guys, they get a kick out of Logan. But he’s a ball of intensity. You just don’t see that coming from him, but he’s got this whole other side. It’s so funny. So, we’ve had a little fun with him – with Coach Stiff – the past few weeks.”

When Rudolph met with the media Tuesday, before fielding questions as his actual self, he popped on his glasses and pretended to be Coach Stiff talking to a recruit.

“Big boy, how you doing? This is Coach Stiff,” he said. “It’s been a while since we’ve talked. Listen, I know Rivals had you listed as a five-star, but buddy I wanted to let you know that you’re a six-star in our book. Understand that there’s no reason to rush into this decision, K, there’s no reason to circumcise the mosquito, so to speak. Got a lot of opportunities out there and I know that, but we’re here and waiting. I don’t want you to rush this decision. It’d be a shame to end up like a golf ball in tall grass with nowhere to go.”

Rudolph, a co-starter at defensive end for Clemson who had a 39-yard fumble return for a touchdown against Boston College last Saturday, said he developed his alter ego this past offseason.

“I was messing around and decided to kind of do a little coach impersonation – not necessarily what I experienced, but what I’ve heard of others and myself just going through in the recruiting process,” Rudolph said. “So, just having fun with it and messing around.”

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