Sheridan Jones: A.J. and K'Von are like big brothers to me

Sheridan Jones: A.J. and K'Von are like big brothers to me


Sheridan Jones: A.J. and K'Von are like big brothers to me


It has been another great year for the third-ranked Clemson Tigers and their defense as they are once again putting together dominant defensive performances week in and week out.

In the secondary, Sheridan Jones has looked to learn from the veterans before him while making the most of his opportunities. Recording his fourth tackle of the season and recovering a fumble Saturday against Wofford, Jones and the defense have three more regular season games ahead of them.

Jones on his fumble recovery 

“It was a great play. I think it was Michael (Jones) who made the tackle. He hit the quarterback and the ball popped out so I just fell on it. It was exciting.”

Jones on where he’s improved the most 

“I would say probably in size. When I first got here I was weighing about 160. I came in today and measured in at about 184, so just getting bigger, faster and stronger. I’ve just been trying to get bigger.”

Jones on the toughest part of putting the weight on

“It was mainly eating for me. I’ve always worked out but just making sure I ate three, four or even five meals a day, even when I wasn’t hungry I had to force myself to eat just to gain weight. I’ve had help from the nutrition staff and everybody in their though. Staying consistent with it really has been the tough part.”

Jones on his grades 

“Oh I’ve never had a C before. My hardest class right now is Geology, it’s all about rocks and what not. I’m trying to do everything I can right now to keep over a C in that class but I honestly don’t know how that’s going to work out.”

Jones on his biggest influences in the locker room

“Since I’ve been here it’s definitely been A.J. (Terrell) who has taken me under his wing. That’s one guy I can definitely say I look up to. K’Von (Wallace) as well. He’s from Virginia just like I am and he’s helped me a lot. Both of them are like two big brothers to me.”

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