Lawrence says Tigers are focused, haven’t arrived

Lawrence says Tigers are focused, haven’t arrived


Lawrence says Tigers are focused, haven’t arrived


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence spoke with the media Saturday following the third-ranked Tigers’ 52-3 win over Wake Forest Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

After clinching the ACC title last week, the Tigers did not let up and Lawrence explains they still have work to do.

Lawrence on how the team continues to dominate

“It just shows that were focused. We don’t feel like we have arrived. We have a lot more ahead of us and we understand that. It showed some maturity that we came out and played well even though we already clinched the division.”

Lawrence on finishing strong at home for the seniors

“It’s great! Those guys they have four, some of them five years. We really made it a big point that we wanted to send them out the right way in their career here in Death Valley. That was really important for us as younger players. I know for the seniors that was awesome for them.”

Lawrence on the rhythm of the offense

“That is something that we as a team and the coaches have done a really good job of is just making sure we get better every week. At the beginning of the season we weren’t playing our best football but that is fine. It is about getting better and who the best team is at the end of the year so that is something that we really pride ourselves on is getting better.”

Lawrence on the team continuing to improve

“I think it’s just the chemistry, all the guys really care for one another. The senior group, just what they have accomplished. They’re winners, those guys I have really looked up to and they have showed me how to work hard and how to prepare and all those things. We just have really good chemistry, and all want to play for each other.”

Lawrence on if his play vs. Wake Forest was the best he has ever played at Clemson

“Probably. I would have to go back and look at last year. I can’t even hardly remember it at this point, but I have been happy with how I have taken care of the ball. I feel like I have done a good job with just trusting the system and giving guys a chance. That is always what I have wanted to do is get the ball to guys that can make plays and let them do what they do. Obviously, there are still some plays that I can do a better job of but that’s something I look forward to on Monday, coming in and seeing ok I played good but there is something I can get better at.”

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