Swinney takes highroad following Finebaum’s latest cracks

Swinney takes highroad following Finebaum’s latest cracks


Swinney takes highroad following Finebaum’s latest cracks


Paul Finebaum just likes to antagonize the Clemson football program, and in particular head coach Dabo Swinney. In response to Swinney’s “lack of respect rant” following the Tigers’ win over South Carolina last Saturday, Finebaum took a personal shot at Clemson’s coach on ESPN’s Get Up Show Tuesday morning.

“I think Dabo Swinney is the most annoying winner in all of sports,” Finebaum said. “The guy just can’t keep his trap shut. Somebody just give the man a pacifier, send him to timeout and we will check in with him on Dec. 28 when he finally plays a legitimate team during this entire college football season.”

During his Tuesday press conference to preview Saturday’s ACC Championship Game against Virginia, Swinney was asked about Finebaum’s latest comment.

“I hate I missed it. I’m sure it was riveting,” Swinney said.

Personally, Swinney says he has nothing against Finebaum and says he is great at what he does.

“I am not going to dislike somebody because he is great at his job,” he said. “A lot of people don’t like me because I am good at my job or because I wear (the Tiger Paw) logo. They don’t know me as a person, they just don’t like me because I am passionate about doing a good job.

“He works for the SEC. Let’s get Eric Mac Lain and put him on those shows every day. That is what he does. That is his job. I will never be upset at a person because he does a great job. Paul Finebaum is great at what he does.”

Swinney continued by saying Clemson is the Red Sox and Finebaum is the Yankees and a Yankees guy is not going to stand up and say great things about the Red Sox. At the end of the day, Swinney said he does not care what Finebaum had to say.

“You don’t worry about criticism from people that you wouldn’t seek advice from,” Swinney said. “I get a lot of criticism. If there is somebody that I go sit down and seek some advice from, then I might listen to that.”

As for Finebaum’s pacifier and timeout comment, “I would like some time out. I would like to take a nap.”

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