Pollard, Clemson offensive line inspired by Lawrence's tenacity

Pollard, Clemson offensive line inspired by Lawrence's tenacity


Pollard, Clemson offensive line inspired by Lawrence's tenacity


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence took a shot in the second quarter of the Fiesta Bowl and subsequently rallied the Tigers back from a 16-0 deficit to a thrilling 29-23 win.

Now second-ranked Clemson is set to play No. 1 LSU in New Orleans for its fourth national championship in five seasons with the opportunity to repeat as undefeated champions.

Center Sean Pollard spoke to members of the media Monday morning at Clemson’s national championship game media day ahead of the January 13th matchup in the Superdome.

Pollard recalled how Lawrence inspired the offensive line to push harder after their quarterback missed a play in the Fiesta Bowl.

“He’s just calm and collected. He yelled at us a few times when we needed it, which is different from how he was last year. He doesn’t get worked up at all, and that’s what you want to see in a leader, especially a quarterback.

“The big hit in Ohio State, he got mad and that made me want to block harder for him. That hit pissed our o-line off.” 

Pollard on playing in his third National Championship game 

“When coach swinney tells you in highschool if you come to clemson, you’re going to play in big games like this. It’s kind of expected. Obviously, it’s really hard to get to the national championship, but it’s still unreal to be able to play in my third one in just four years.”

Pollard on playing multiple offensive line positions 

“I’m just versatile. I’m willing to do what I have to for my team. I don’t have to worry about that…I’m smart enough to play all three positions. It’s also having the coaches trust to play all three when it comes to that situation. I’m versatile and able to do it if I need to.” 

Pollard on his body size helping him play multiple positions

“It helps with my body size that I can play all different positions. You have to work on it. I don’t think it ever comes naturally to me to switch sides that, especially if you played one side your entire life. In highschool, I played left, and now I play right.”

Pollard on the enormity of the National Championship

“I’ll think about that after this game. I just think about the whole big picture at this point. We have one game. It’s a one game mind set. It’s the last game of the season, and I want to end my four years here right. But you think about that after the game, rather than before.”


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