Swinney asks Clemson fans to do their part to stop COVID-19

Swinney asks Clemson fans to do their part to stop COVID-19


Swinney asks Clemson fans to do their part to stop COVID-19


Dabo Swinney sent out a heartfelt message to Clemson fans Wednesday as he wrapped up a 42-minute video on the state of the Clemson Football Program in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis that has brought the entire world to a halt.

Swinney answered questions sent to him from the media who cover the Clemson Football Program on a daily basis. The Tigers’ head coach said football will take care of itself and that his team is in a good place as it attempts to deal with coronavirus one day at a time.

“I really hope everyone is safe,” he said. “I know this is a time of uncertainty. But this is also a time when we all have an opportunity to grow. We all have an opportunity to maybe reconnect in different areas of our lives. But also, keep all these people in your thoughts and prayers that have been very negatively impacted.

“You think about the waiters and the waitresses and the supply chains and all of these things. It is just the domino effect with people losing jobs and so forth. Let’s just lift them up and keep their focus on the right things.”

Like the rest of us, Swinney says he, too, is missing sports and all of those things that entertain us, but he stressed how important it is for people follow the recommendations of our leaders to protect themselves and others around them so the country can get back to some sense of normalcy.

Clemson, of course, had the rest of spring practice and the annual Orange & White Spring Game canceled when the ACC announced last week all spring activities, practices and competition have been shut down for the rest of the spring due to the coronavirus. Clemson University also closed its campus through May 8, which canceled several events as well including graduation.

“Hopefully, when we do get our lives back and we can kind of get back on track, hopefully, we will have more of an appreciation for the privilege that we have living in this country, and for all the information, knowledge and great and wonderful doctors and nurses we have out there,” he said. “It is amazing what is going on in our country right now and all these great people who are serving so many.

“So, just pray for our leadership. Just pray for our guidance, pray for all the medical people and everyone just stay safe.”

Swinney clarified he is not an expert on what is going on and he would not even try to be, but he thinks everyone can learn from the experts and the protocols that people put out in order to help us overcome COVID-19.

“So, stay clean, wash your hands, a lot, and be mindful of where you are,” the Clemson coach said. “Hopefully, you are home safe, but if you are out, stay out of groups and try to stay away from sick people and those types of things. And if you are sick, stay home for sure.

“We can kick this thing in the tail and get back to our lives here at some point… I hope we will all be back in the Valley celebrating this September on another great game day. Until then, stay safe and follow the protocols that have been put forth by a lot of smart people that are out there and let’s do our part.”

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