For Clemson Football, it’s business as usual

For Clemson Football, it’s business as usual


For Clemson Football, it’s business as usual


There is a reason why the Clemson Football program has won more games than any other program in college football the last five years … it’s because they care.

Starting in 2015, the Tigers have produced a 69-5 record, won five straight ACC Championships, advanced to the College Football Playoff five straight times, played for the national championship four times and won it twice.

So, it should come to no surprise that despite being quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clemson football team is still pushing on with its best foot forward. Players are still working out and paying attention to what they are eating. Coaches are meeting on a daily basis through their home computers, as well as touching base with each of their players in their segments.

In other words, it is business as usual for the Clemson football team.

“I am so proud of our team. We have a conscious team. That is one of the reasons we win,” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said. “We have a team that is conscious. They care and for the most part, a ton of accountability all throughout our team and great leadership. When you have leadership and accountability to go along with talent you got a chance to be really good.”

Swinney says the Tigers are not using COVID-19 as an excuse to back away from their motto.

“This team has a unique challenge, but as we say for us, best is the standard. Best is the standard all the time, not when it is just convenient for that to be the case,” he said. “We are going to adapted to the best of our ability to find a way to make Clemson better at this time. That is the challenge we have all accepted, players and coaches.”

Clemson’s campus is closed until May 8, so that means the players and coaches cannot access the Allen Reeves Football Complex until then. So, they are making the best of the situation they have been handed and have adjusted to make sure when they are allowed to get back together as a team, they are ready to move forward with the 2020 season.

“But, as far as where are right now, that’s kind of what we are doing. We are daily staying connected, daily staying in engaged and then we will get to some of the football stuff,” Swinney said. “Right now, our conference is not allowing us to do football meetings, but we can still send them football stuff. Hopefully, we are going to get some clarification on that soon so we can still have daily afternoon meetings from a football standpoint, here soon.

“But right now, we are having to push all the football stuff to them on a non-required basis. Hopefully, that is going to change because I know some conferences are allowing their coaches to do that.”

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