Lawrence and girlfriend announce plans to help Upstate South Carolina, Georgia

Lawrence and girlfriend announce plans to help Upstate South Carolina, Georgia


Lawrence and girlfriend announce plans to help Upstate South Carolina, Georgia


Now that the NCAA has cleared them to raise money to help the victims and families affected from the COVID-19 crisis, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend, Marissa Mowry, announced their plans moving forward on Saturday.

“Ever since the NCAA cleared us to raise money, we have been trying to think about the most efficient ways to go about this. We think we have found a pretty cool way and we are really excited to share it with you guys,” Mowry said in a video from Lawrence’s Instagram page. “We just want to thank you guys in advance for all of your support, your patience through this because it has been pretty hectic. But we are really excited to see what opportunities and blessings can come from this.”

Lawrence said the two NCAA student-athletes will no longer raise money through their GoFundMe page they started this past Monday, but instead have announced they are partnering up with the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia. Lawrence did say the money raised on GoFundMe will still go to the “No Kid Hungry” and “Meals on Wheels” organizations.

“That is still going to happen,” he said. “But now we have partnered with the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia and so, basically, all the funds will be held there, and we can from there and decide where these will go to the non-profits in South Carolina or in Georgia.”

Lawrence says the money raised will go to help the families and victims that are struggling in his hometown of Cartersville, Ga., and the Bartow County area, as well as in the Upstate of South Carolina.

“Those are the two communities that we picked because they are near and dear to our hearts. So, we pick the Cartersville-Bartow area and the Upstate of South Carolina,” he said. “Basically, we will pick non-profits in those areas that really need help and really need to provide things for families, whether that is food or financial stability. Whatever that is, we will be able to pick from there and then also provide a link that will take you to this website that will say Trevor and Marissa. You can click there, and you can kind of read our story and why we did this and just a little bit about the communities as well.”

Lawrence went to high school in Cartersville and Mowry plays on the women’s soccer team at Anderson University in nearby Anderson, S.C.

“If you don’t feel led to donating to these two communities, we really want to encourage you guys to look at your own communities and ways that you can serve and help others locally for your guys,” Mowry said. “Again, we want to thank you guys so much and we are really excited.”

“Thank y’all again and thank you so much,” Lawrence continued. “We just really believe this is more about coming together then it is about doing something personally. This is about everyone coming together for the same cause and I think we can really make a difference.”

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