Swinney not naïve to impact COVID-19 can have on college football

Swinney not naïve to impact COVID-19 can have on college football


Swinney not naïve to impact COVID-19 can have on college football


Monday Morning Quarterback

Dabo Swinney was pretty straight forward with his opinion Friday when he was asked if he preferred to see the college football season begin as scheduled with an abbreviated preseason camp or delay the season until next spring so everything can be on a full schedule.

“My preference is let’s get to work and let’s go play,” he said. “That’s the best-case scenario, and I think that’s what’s going to happen. I don’t have any doubt — I mean I have zero doubt that we’re going to be playing, that stands are going to be packed and the Valley is going to be rocking and we’re going to be back at it. I don’t have any doubt. That’s the only thought I got is that thought right there. All the rest of that stuff, I don’t think about any of that.”

However, Swinney has seen the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on sports. No one knows when or if the NBA will be able to finish the 2020 season. Major League Baseball still has not officially announced a start date to its season. The Olympics were postponed until next summer.

And, as we all know, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the College World Series were both canceled.

At Clemson, the athletic department has already reported it will lose a little more than a million net dollars for the cancellation of spring sports and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. However, those numbers could increase dramatically if the 2020 football season is suspended and or canceled.

Regardless, even if the season does begin on time, some athletic officials across the country are expecting a decrease in attendance as America slowly tries to get back to its everyday life while the economy tries to recover from the quarantine period.

So, Swinney was asked if he thought the college football world, as we know it, where we have seen all the high spending with brand new facilities and coaching salaries, would it take a hit, and would things scale back a little?

“Those are questions for other people,” the Clemson coach said. “Like I said, if you did not have college football then there is going to be a major impact. But I can’t imagine that we are not having college football. But I think there is a lot of discussion that certainly could come if that were to be the case. But, hopefully, we will be able to push forward and get back to doing what we all love to do and continue to have this wonderful country stand tall.

“That is what I believe is going to happen. As far as all of that other stuff. Those are decisions that have to be made down the road. I can tell you this, Clemson will always do what is right.”

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