Clemson plans to play football on time

Clemson plans to play football on time


Clemson plans to play football on time


However, athletic department is also working through other contingency plans

The plan at Clemson, right now, is to play football on Sept. 3. That is what Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich said earlier this week on a South Carolina Radio Station.

“We are just moving along right now that we are going to play and that we are going to play on time,” Radakovich said to Mickey Plyler on The Roar, 105.5 FM in Clemson this past Tuesday. “We are just trying to make every contingency possible for things that may move a little left or right of that goal.”

The Tigers are expected to start the 2020 football season on Sept. 3 in Atlanta, when it faces ACC rival Georgia Tech. And though Clemson is preparing for the season to start on time, it is doing its due diligence and working through some contingency plans in case the COVID-19 pandemic extends through the summer months.

Right now, all of Clemson’s campus is closed through the summer. The university announced last week that all summer classes will be held online. However, they have not totally closed the book on the idea the campus could be re-opened to student athletes and for other campus activities later in the summer if things continue to improve.

“There are a lot of contingency plans that will end up in the trash. That is okay,” Radakovich said. “That is what we need to be able to be doing right now within the Atlantic Coast Conference, nationally … looking at different alternatives for return to play. It really does complicate itself a little bit because you just can’t flip a switch and have people return to play. You have to have a faith time period for the student athletes to prepare, not only for football, but for all of your fall sports.

“Then you have to back that up a little bit more and say, ‘How are they going to get on campus? When are facilities going to be open?’ I still maintain that I think it will be very difficult to have all fall extracurricular activities if we are in an on-line learning situation. So, that decision will be made by the university later on in the summertime. So, all of those things, you have to say, ‘Okay, if you get this one in a good spot, what if this one does not happen? How do you make it work?’”

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