Q&A with nation’s top-ranked TE Briningstool

Q&A with nation’s top-ranked TE Briningstool


Q&A with nation’s top-ranked TE Briningstool


Brentwood (Tenn.) Ravenwood four-star tight end Jake Briningstool, the top-ranked player at his position in the country according to the 247Sports Composite, has been committed to Clemson since Jan. 26 and is a big part of the Tigers’ 2021 recruiting class.

The Clemson Insider recently caught up with Briningstool about a variety of topics surrounding Clemson and its class. Check out our Q&A with him below:

TCI: What did you think of five-star running back Will Shipley jumping on board with Clemson when he committed Tuesday?

Briningstool: “I was excited that he came because first of all, he’s a really good running back obviously. But on the junior day (in January), he was there the same day that I was there, and his family looked like a good family, he looked like a good kid and someone that is a Clemson-type person. So, I’m just excited he found his spot and we got him.”

TCI: When you throw in Shipley to go with you, Beaux Collins, Dacari Collins, Marcus Tate, Ryan Linthicum and Phil Mafah as the current offensive members of Clemson’s 2021 class, how good do you think the team can be on that side of the ball in the future when you consider all the talent coming in?

Briningstool: “I think the future is definitely bright for our offense. We’ve got D.J. (Uiagalelei) at quarterback, too, which is a big asset. So, that’ll help a lot, and I think our offense has the ability – with the weapons we’re bringing in – to put up big numbers in the future for sure.”

TCI: You mentioned D.J. Are you looking forward to catching passes from a guy like that in the future?

Briningstool: “Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to catching from D.J. When I was there in the wintertime, I stayed overnight and actually stayed with D.J., so it was cool to kind of start to build that relationship. So yeah, I’m excited.”

TCI: I’m sure you’ve been staying in touch with the coaches. What have you been hearing from them lately?

Briningstool: “Coach (Danny) Pearman and Coach (Lemanski) Hall, we talk pretty much all the time, really … Really just stay safe and hope you’re doing well and just trying to be positive in the circumstances we’re under right now. Just stay positive, stay healthy. They’re just checking in on me like a dad would or someone like that, so I appreciate that from them, looking out for me and the other guys for sure.”

TCI: Is there anybody you’re working to help the Tigers recruit right now for this 2021 class?

Briningstool:Troy (Stellato) is a big target for us, or would be my biggest target right now as the guy I’m working on. I text him a little bit, and then today I talked to Bubba Chandler, the quarterback they just offered. So, I reached out to him.”

TCI: How do you feel about Clemson’s chances with them?

Briningstool: “I feel like our chances are really good with both of them. They’re both good players and I think they’ll help our class out a lot if we get them. And then some defensive guys like some DBs — Nyland Green, we’re trying to get him, and James Williams, we’re trying to get him too. And Barrett Carter, he also would be at the top of the list for the guys we’re trying to get.”


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