Clemson’s new football show is ‘a natural fit for all of us’

Clemson’s new football show is ‘a natural fit for all of us’


Clemson’s new football show is ‘a natural fit for all of us’


Mark Childress was simply trying to think outside the box when he came up with an idea Clemson football fans will love.

The idea is to tell the stories of some Clemson’s greatest football games. After pitching his idea to WSPA, Clemson Athletics, in conjunction with Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing, picked it up and Childress’ idea will debut Saturday on WSPA in the Greenville-Spartanburg television market, as well as all around the state of South Carolina.

“It just seemed like a natural fit for all of us for a number of reasons to try and get some fresh content out there for Clemson fans during this break of no sports,” Childress said to The Clemson Insider on Thursday.

The series is called Clemson’s Greatest Games and will premiere Saturday at 7:30 p.m., as the first show goes back to the Tigers’ dramatic come-from-behind victory over Syracuse in 2018 at Death Valley. The 12-episode series of 30-minute shows highlights some of the best regular season football games from recent history with special guest commentary from notable Clemson on-air personalities, staff, and former players on a weekly basis.

This week’s show will have interviews from former Clemson linebacker Kendall Joseph, safety Tanner Muse, as well as quarterback Chase Brice, who came off the bench of an injured Trevor Lawrence to engineer the comeback.

“It has been received well,” said Childress, who will also host the show. “We all love re-watching these old games and that is kind of where the inspiration came from. This is not a new idea or the greatest idea of all time, but I think it is a great one for Clemson right now.

“Seeing all of these games replayed again and again on the ACC Network, I kind of thought it would be great to comeback and get some of the inside stories and talk to a lot of people that were a part of these games to see what we might have missed. To hear how the decisions were made before the big play of the game or what were the antidotes from the locker room at halftime and after the game.”

The lineup features 12 games from the past nine years, dating back to the 2011 season. Clemson’s wins over Florida State (episode 8) and Maryland (episode 11) are highlighted by the show from the 2011 football season.

The 2016 Louisville game, the 2014 South Carolina win and the 35-31 win over Georgia in 2013 are also featured.

“Having new content was super key, especially for Clemson fans,” Childress said. “We lost the end of the baseball season with the coronavirus. The softball season, everybody was starting to get behind the team, and it went away. So, that to me, being able to bring new content out that people are going to love when they see it, that is the thing that I am most excited about.

“We can sit down on Saturday nights and watch the show and remember these great games and where we were and how much they meant to us when they happened.”

Childress says the idea of the show is to focus on the regular season games because so much has already been seen and written about the Tigers’ bowl, College Football Playoff and national championship wins. These are the games that led up to those great wins that fans may forgotten about or did not know a certain story from.

“We talk about the playoff and national championship games all the time,” Childress said. “We don’t give as much service to a lot of these regular season games, so that is why I think it is important to focus on a lot of the regular season games that might not get as much love as some of the other ones.”

The series also includes the 2015 victory over Notre Dame in a downpour, the comeback win at Florida State in 2016 and the Tigers’ dramatic win at Texas A&M in 2018.

“We are kind of all over the place, but I will say, there were probably 18 to 22 games that I felt like were worthy of going back and doing a 30-minute look back on from the last decade,” Childress said. “We just took it from there and narrowed it down to 12. There will be some out there that we probably missed, but maybe we can grab those in season two.”

Childress will have a panel of guest who will share what memories they have from these games, including the ACC Network’s Mark Packer and Kelly Gramlich, Voice of the Tigers Don Munson, longtime Clemson SID Tim Bourret, current SID for football Ross Taylor and former Clemson great and ACC Network analyst Eric Mac Lain.

Each episode will air at 7:30 p.m. on Saturdays on WSPA Channel 7 in the Upstate, as well as WJBF in Augusta, WCBD in Charleston, WACH in Columbia, and WBTW in Myrtle Beach.

List of Games
June 6 27-23 win over Syracuse in 2018
June 13 42-36 win over Louisville in 2016
June 20 56-7 win over South Carolina in 2016
June 27 24-22 win over Notre Dame in 2015
July 4 35-17 win over South Carolina in 2014
July 11 35-31 win over Georgia in 2013
July 18 62-48 win over NC State in 2012
July 25 35-30 win over Florida State in 2011
Aug. 1 37-34 win at Florida State in 2016
Aug. 8 31-17 win at Virginia Tech in 2017
Aug. 15 56-45 win at Maryland in 2011
Aug. 22 28-26 win at Texas A&M in 2018


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