Sharpe's view of Swinney's role on Saturday: 'Dabo could have stayed home'

Sharpe's view of Swinney's role on Saturday: 'Dabo could have stayed home'


Sharpe's view of Swinney's role on Saturday: 'Dabo could have stayed home'


After an attack on Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney last week, Fox Sports One analyst Shannon Sharpe came after Swinney hard on Monday morning.

On his show Undisputed, Sharpe continued his assertion that Swinney does not understand the racial injustices and tension engulfing America following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Sharpe took it one step further and stated that Swinney not only fails to understand the issues but only wants to do the minimum to keep everyone happy and not rock the boat.

“Dabo is one of these guys who asks, ‘what is the least I can do to get the best bang for my little participation,’” Shape said. “Because he still has that fan base he can’t rile up because he is in South Carolina but wants to show he still has a little empathy for his players.”

Swinney actually spoke directly against racial injustice and lauded his players for organizing the Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration on Saturday. The Clemson coach denounced racism and stressed the importance of valuing, hearing, and understanding the pain within the black community because of the injustice and inequality in this country.

“We should no longer expect them or our players to hear our cheers if we do not hear their cries,” Swinney said.

Later he continued and said he believes we should go further than just stating that Black Lives Matter and stressed that “black lives equally and significantly matter.”

Swinney even admitted to not fully understanding the issues before having conversations with current and former players as well as valuable leaders within the program like Jeff Davis and Woody McCorvey.

“I am embarrassed to say that there are things on this campus that I really did not understand. I knew the basics, but not the details. But I have learned, and I have listened,” Swinney stated to an audience of 3,000 at the demonstration.

Several Clemson players defended Swinney on Sunday after Sharpe attempted to associate Swinney with a group of trucks with confederate flags that drove through Clemson on Sunday.

However, Sharpe felt the words of Swinney and his athletes were not enough.

“Dabo could have stayed home, I already know how he feels. Dabo had an opportunity in 2017,2018, and 2019 to take a stand,” Sharpe said.


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