Latest COVID-19 impacts to Clemson football, men’s basketball

Latest COVID-19 impacts to Clemson football, men’s basketball


Latest COVID-19 impacts to Clemson football, men’s basketball


The Clemson Insider has learned a significant amount of the players from the Clemson football team were re-tested for COVID-19 on Monday. As of Tuesday afternoon, those results have not made their way back to the university.

A source confirmed to TCI that a good majority of the players were re-tested. Our sources do not know how many of the football players were re-tested, but we were told by a source with knowledge of the situation that a lot of the team was re-tested.

As you know, Clemson had 104 football players report to campus on June 8 to begin voluntary workouts. The players were initially tested on June 8 for the COVID-19 virus, as well administered an antibodies test. Two of those tests came back positive. Last week, the team was re-tested after a couple of student-athletes displayed symptoms of the virus.

TCI reported last Friday that 21 additional football players tested positive for COVID-19, as well as two staff personnel. That brought the total from Clemson football to 25.

TCI reported in our Insider Report on Monday Clemson has also had some players test positive from the antibody test. However, those players were allowed to continue to work out with their teammates during voluntary workouts.

TCI also learned the men’s basketball team has not been re-tested as of Tuesday since it was tested for a second time last week. The men’s team was quarantined for 10 days when one of its players tested positive for the virus. We were told the rest of the team was able to get back to work late last week and has now got in about four or five voluntary workouts.

The player who tested positive from the basketball team was able to re-join his teammates Tuesday for voluntary drills. We were told the players were able to continue working out while they were quarantined during that whole process.

The two football players who tested positive for the virus following the June 8 testing should also be getting back with their teammates this week. Remember the men’s basketball was not at the Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration on June 13 due to being quarantined, where most of the members of the football team were in attendance.

As of right now, we can tell you the players who are allowed to participate in voluntary workouts are only allowed to use the training room, the weight room and, in football’s case, the Poe Indoor practice facility and the adjacent outside playing surfaces. Players cannot access the locker room or the players’ lounge.

The basketball teams can use the training facility at Swann Pavilion, as well as the basketball court and the weight room. Like the football team, they cannot access the locker room area or their lounge at this time.

TCI was told the men’s team is currently working out from 8 a.m.-noon, while the women are using the facility from 1-5 p.m. No player from either team can enter the building before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

Also, a source tells us the Clemson basketball coaches will be allowed on campus beginning July 20 for individual workouts. Right now, none of the basketball coaches are allowed to use the basketball facilities.

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