Clemson safety on Uiagalelei: ‘He’s going to be a special player’

Clemson safety on Uiagalelei: ‘He’s going to be a special player’


Clemson safety on Uiagalelei: ‘He’s going to be a special player’


Clemson senior safety Nolan Turner has played a lot of football and faced plenty of talented quarterbacks throughout his career with the Tigers, including Trevor Lawrence a bunch of times in practice.

Turner also got a good look at D.J. Uiagalelei during fall camp over the first few weeks of August and was extremely impressed by what he saw from the phenom freshman quarterback, especially his arm strength. Turner spoke highly of the former five-star prospect, and considering all the experience Turner has, his words carry weight.

“He can spin it. It’s fun to watch,” Turner said of Uiagalelei. “We have a super impressive group of quarterbacks back there. Obviously not everywhere you go, you see that talent back there at quarterback and the depth we’ve got, too. Taisun (Phommachanh) is also a baller.

“But yeah, with D.J., obviously his arm strength is super impressive. He can throw the ball probably a hundred yards, I don’t know. But yeah, the velocity that he puts behind it … He’s starting to get the offense down, too, so he’s going to be a special player.”

Uiagalelei wasn’t the only true freshman that stood out to Turner during camp, with running backs Demarkcus Bowman and Kobe Pace, and wideout E.J. Williams, catching his eye as well.

Turner has also taken notice of the development and improvement of redshirt freshman receiver Brannon Spector.

“These new running backs, they got the juice,” Turner said. “They’re the real deal. They’re going to be special. E.J. Williams out there, he’s so fast, runs good routes, wants to learn. Brannon Spector, throughout this spring and summer I thought has really taken his game to another level, too – just super twitchy, super fast, runs good routes, and he’s really making a big jump out there.”

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