Brownell says basketball needs more direction from the NCAA

Brownell says basketball needs more direction from the NCAA


Brownell says basketball needs more direction from the NCAA


The NCAA Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee is looking at two dates to possibly begin the college basketball season – November 25 or December 4.

“I don’t think any of us know what that really means yet,” Clemson head coach Brad Brownell said to The Clemson Insider. “I don’t think anything is really official. Are we just not going to play the three or four games we had scheduled before then? Is it going to be conference only games? Is it going to be conference only and other Power 5 games? There is a lot to be decided. It is still early to tell what to do.”

One thing Brownell does know us that the ACC and the NCAA desperately wants to play basketball this season as it tries to find a solution on how to play and compete with the COVID-19 virus still very prevalent in the world.

“I think they want to play,” he said. “Everybody has been very optimistic. I think we are all watching football a little bit here to see what happens. We are crossing our fingers that is going to go well.

“But basketball will be its own decision entity and make its own decision a little bit later. I think they have talked, certainly, with the NCAA in terms of being organized with other Power 5s. I think everybody has been trying to buy as much time as possible for as long as we can and then eventually you have to get with your television partners and you have to make some decisions. Your schools’ presidents have to be unified.”

The Clemson coach thinks when the presidents and conferences do make a decision, it is going to happen pretty quickly.

“I think we are still a couple of weeks away from having maybe a little better handle on what the direction is, we just don’t know what a schedule is going to look like,” Brownell said. “All the meetings I have been in with the other head coaches, we are all just throwing a lot of different ideas out there.”

And those ideas have Brownell excited because they are talking about having a season and that is what everyone wants.

“I’m just excited that we are talking about basketball and that we feel like we are going to have a season,” he said. “We really like our team, so I am really excited about it. I am hoping for any kind of positive news we can get moving forward.

“We have met almost every Wednesday for the last several months and we have never done that before. I think we are all on the same page in terms of having really good discussion and talking about what are the practices that are going on with COVID-19 and everything else.”

Brownell confirmed that moving forward the ACC has put together an advisory board that has a couple of coaches and athletic directors on it as they try to move forward with a little more direction and in a smaller group as they start making decisions.

“To be honest with you, most of the ADs’ time has been put on football, so just now they are beginning to focus on basketball and what that is going to look like. But we have had great discussion. I have been in the league ten years now and this is the most conversation we have ever had amongst head coaches in the ten years I have been doing this.”

“We need a little bit of direction from the NCAA because we don’t know,” he continued. “Are they going to move the NCAA Tournament back or are they going to keep it in March? That’s where the rubber is going to meet the road. I know the NCAA would like to keep it in March, but if they have to move it then that gives you the opportunity to move your season back even further, gives you a little more opportunity to make changes, to leave more open dates for postponements if you have to. So, I think it is almost … we need some direction at the end of the season in terms of the NCAA Tournament versus just going ahead and planning what you are going to do at the beginning of the season.”

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