Turner has eyes set on Wake, nothing else

Turner has eyes set on Wake, nothing else


Turner has eyes set on Wake, nothing else


Clemson safety Nolan Turner is ready to help guide the Tigers back to the national championship. Turner went through shoulder surgery after last season and took the spring off to rehab. Being unable to practice, helped him take a step back and see what kind of leader he needed to be this season.

The top-ranked Tigers will head to Wake Forest Saturday for a 7:30 p.m., kick. Turner spoke with the media on Monday regarding how his team has grown and what he expects this season and this coming Saturday.

Nolan Turner on finally getting to step foot on the field Saturday night

“It is going to be awesome. We have waited such a long time, have experienced so much through this off season. Going back to the shoulder surgery and getting to watch the guys in the spring was a good opportunity for me to repair the shoulder, get back into treatment and get my strength back, really heal. Through all that, we are excited to compete Saturday.”

Turner on being a “teacher” and helping bring the younger guys up

“Yeah, that is the biggest thing with young guys just explaining to them it is all about doing your job and the plays will come that you need to make. These guys made it easy. They are super committed. Obviously, all super talented and they all have really bought in. You can tell they care. It has been cool to see them mature, compete, and get better.”

Turner on a younger player that makes him go ‘Wow!’

“Landon (Zanders) is such a good player, super rangy, and can really cover some ground. He is great in coverage and has made some great strides throughout camp. He is impressive to watch. Another one, Joseph Charleston is a physical dude, great tackler. He has been a lot smarter learning the defense. Same thing with Jaylen Phillips, Ray Thorton, two great athletes. By week six or seven those guys will have made a big name for themselves.”

Turner on being a leader

“I have got to hold myself to a higher standard. Always continue to be that leader and lead by example. It has been fun to be with these guys, hear their questions and be able to answer them. Be that old head now, it has been a good experience for me. I have definitely grown throughout this time.”

Turner on the new eligibility rule & if he will take advantage of it

“I haven’t thought too much about it. I think it is a great rule giving everyone another year back. I am just taking it one day at a time. Hopefully, the season works out the way we think it will and we will get all of our games. When that time comes for me to make that kind of decision, I will put more thought into it for sure. As for this week, we are ready for Wake Forest on Saturday.”



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