Lawrence picked the Deacons apart Saturday

Lawrence picked the Deacons apart Saturday


Lawrence picked the Deacons apart Saturday


Top-ranked Clemson knocked off the Demon Deacons 37-13 at Truist Field on Saturday night. The Tigers dominated the Wake Forest defense behind stellar play at quarterback from Trevor Lawrence.

The junior finished the game 22-for-28 for 351 yards and a touchdown. Wake Forest tried to mix things up with pre-snap audibles but that didn’t fool Lawrence.

The George native spent the offseason studying opponent’s coverages and determining what the defense left open. Lawrence certainly succeeded on that metric against Wake Forest’s cover-two scheme in Winston-Salem.

“This whole off-season it’s been one of my goals to take what the defense gives me, don’t over complicate it, don’t try and and do too much,” Lawrence said. “Eventually the big plays will come, our offense, coaches, and play makers know that stuff will come. I’ve learned to trust it and to have a good pre snap. I read and see where everyone is, then have post snap recognition.”

Wake Forest tried to mix it up after the snap

“Wake Forest did a really good job of changing it up post snap. Tonight I had to be locked into the safety, rotation corner. They had a lot of cap blitz. That’s been my whole thing, take what the defense gives me.”

Lawrence on shaking off the first drive

“Obviously the first drive three and out wasn’t what we were looking for, I kind of took a bad sack so it didn’t go great the first couple of plays. After that, we got a little tempo, hitting the rhythm. We threw a post to Amari (Rodgers). It was a good play by him. From there, I felt like we were in a really good rhythm. We played with great tempo. I think we had 50 plays at halftime, which is pretty impressive.”

How did it feel to play in an empty stadium?

“It was a little weird, but honestly we are just so happy to play. We had just as much energy, maybe we have a little bit more with some fans, but we were just excited to play. We’ve been waiting a long time. We cherish these opportunities, especially since this off-season, it was up in the air whether we were going to play. We’re just grateful. It was a little bit weird running out, and they had the crowd noise on the speakers. You’re looking around and no one is out there. It sounded real though. They did a good job keeping the environment up.”

Lawrence impressed with backups Uiagalelei and Phommachanh

“The way the game went, they didn’t have many opportunities to push the ball down field. We tried to get some guys reps…we ran the ball more so than we did the first half. I think those guys did a great job. They were prepared. I know Taisun had that one interception, but he’ll shake that.”


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